125. | I Am Erudite

125. | I Am Erudite

Erudite is the faction that constantly seeks knowledge from curiosity.  They are people that have a strong thirst for knowledge that cannot be satisfied it till they know all.  The members of Erudite are both the scholarly professional and medical doctors of the city.

Erudite researchers are the ones who created the serums and simulations that helps in the decision of which factions to pick on Choosing Day.  Without the Erudite, all other factions would be in the dark ages since Erudite constently are creating new technology.

The members of Erudite must one piece of clothing that is blue at all times.  Blue colored clothing helps release chemicals in the brain to help process information.  Also, all members wear glasses – no matter how perfect their eyesight is.

hair // D!VA // Ange + Ana
glasses // UMEBOSHI // Harry’s Readers
eyeshadow // BLACKLIQUID // Glitter Eyeshadow
ring // FINESMITH // Gloria
dress // AMARELO MANGA // Carlota Joaquina
heels // EPOQUE // Revolution Pumps

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