. get your fresh produce here

. get your fresh produce here .

outfit | it’s corn by ananas

L to R
burgundy farm crate cedar by atelier burgundy
pumpkin basket by your dream
market stall by junk food
iced tea set by apple fall
pumpkin farm / pumpkin basket by broken arrow
pumpkin farm / vase dry leaves by broken arrow
daisy macaron by kotte
pile of pies tray by bee’s that way
farmers milk cart by serenity style

. boundless books .

. boundless books .

hair | ray by vango
eye bags | munster set by skoll
fx facial scratches | julie by ladybird
fx nose | face blood by avarosa
fx bruises | cheyenne by ladybird
fx body scratch | possession by ladybird
fx hands | damaged hands by clemmm
books | emily’s favorite fairy tale book by insomnia angel (enchantment)
corset | ethel corset by salem
pants | leather leggings by toksik

. innocents .

. innocents .

hair | mimi hair by miwas
food | choco strawberry by kotte
fc makeup | haru tattoo by ladybird
top | ghoulie top by vincue (the warehouse sale)
panties | puppy angel by miwas
garter | heartache garter by insomnia angel (the warehouse sale) *MUST have the Maze Soft Thigh to wear properly*
stockings | baroque corset stockings by cureless