Secrets Should Be Kept In The Dark

Secrets Should Be Kept In The Dark

headpieces | Sweetness Gacha / Grimade Headdress by Insomnia Angel (The Epiphany)
hair | Mavis Hair by bonbon
undereye makeup | Undereye Blush by Izzie’s
eye liner | Aura Eyeliner by TOP1SALON
tears | Dissolved Tears by antielle (now CURELESS)
fx makeup | Nosebleed by Clemmm
dress | Sweetness Gacha / Banoffee Dress by Insomnia Angel (The Epiphany)
tights | High Waist Fishnet Tights by MIWAS
garters | Sweetness Gacha / Royal Garter by Insomnia Angel (The Epiphany)
gloves | Sweetness Gacha / Cuffs by Insomnia Angel (The Epiphany)
nails | Conjuration Set by CerberusXing
fx makeup | Damaged Hands & Run Down Bloody Hands by Clemmm
tattoo | Cronopios Collection / Daigo by Bolson

This Cave Seems Never-ending

This Cave Seems Never-ending

hairbase | Furiosa Hairbase by Velour Beauty (Desolation Event)
fx makeup | Fury Road Wounds by Velour Beauty (Desolation Event)
nosebleed | The Nosebleed Pack by Velour Homme
collar | Nitar Spiked Choker by BOYS TO THE BONE
top | Wrap Scoop T by .Shi
pants | Side-Drape Harem by .Shi
set | Solitude Scene by Minimal (Equal10)

Needing What We Don’t Know We Needed

Needing What We Don't Know We Needed

hair | Mavis Hair by bonbon
horns | La Diabla by VELOUR (Black Fair)
skin | La Diabla by VELOUR (Black Fair)
eyes | Sinister Eyes by Avi-Glam
ears | Withered Bezerker Ears by CerberusXing
outfit | Liah Outfit by MIWAS
strap | Mimi Leg Strap by MIWAS
weapon | Specter Orb Censer by AII
ghoul | Yokai Chronicles / Gashadokuro bye CURELESS

Are You Really Going To Use That Filter?

Are You Really Going To Use That Filter?

hair | F135 by KMH
hair accessories | Usagi Hair by Sintiklia
eyeliner | Essential Eyeliners by Wednesday
highlighter | Superstar Highlight by VELOUR
lipstick | The Glossyp Girl by VELOUR (LEVEL)
phone | V-Phone PRO by VELOUR (LEVEL)
top | Ace by Blueberry
jacket | Mei Belt Jacket by MIWAS
tights | High Waist Fishnet Tights by MIWAS
shorts | Ripped Hem Shorts by COCO

Check out Sung’s Blog for her Style

Walking By Clouds

Walking by Clouds

hair | J0513b by tram (Uber)
highlight | Superstar Highlight by VELOUR
jewelry | Tyrant’s Chain by CerberusXing
lipstick | The Pretty Reckless by VELOUR (ACCESS)
bodysuit | TheFunSuit by House of Fox (no longer available)
dress | Stolt Dress by Boys to the Bone (Equal10)
belt | Fordom Belt by Boys to the Bone (Equal10)