126. | I Am Dauntless

126. | I Am Dauntless

hair // TABLEAU VIVANT // Kawashima [Collabor88]
skin // ELYSIUM // Lana [Wizarding Faire]
nose ring // HAUS OF DARCY // Sideswept Piercing
chest piece // SHI // Tsade [Collabor88]
top // SHI // Daleth Wrap [Collabor88]
leggings // MAITREYA

The last in my Divergent Series ends with Dauntless.  The Dauntless faction is the hardest to enter into and toughest to endure.  They are a bunch of hardcore fearless rebels that are the city’s armed force.  They are trained in combat; both hand-to-hand and weapondary.

Dauntless headquarters is located underground in a cavernous area called, “The Pit”.  There are no rails for the stairs that sit on the edge of all the walls of the Pit, so falling off the side is pretty easy to do.

Members of Dauntless tend to wear black and with piercing, tattoos, and dyed hair.  Their personal norms are the total opposite of those of the the rest of the factions because they are allowed to express themselves with body modifications.

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