124. | I Am Candor

124. | I Am Candor

Candor is the third faction in the Divergent series, this faction is known for their honesty.  They can read people’s body language and can tell when they are be lied too.  Some people would say that the members of Candor as honest to a fault because they would rather hurt someone’s feeling then be deceitful.  Likewise, they would rather have their feelings hurt then be lied too

The members of Candor see the world as black and white, hence their monochromatic fashion.  The men of Candor usually will wear black and white suits.  Whereas women would wear black skirts.

hat // EPOQUE // Posh VIP Hat
eyeliner // MONS // Black Eyeliner Series
hair // PAPER COUTURE // Slicked Parted Hair Bun
jacket // NYU // Peter Pan Collar Coat [faMESHed]
socks // HOUSE OF FOX // Knit Socks

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