Whose HP?

Whose HP?

hair | B68 by Dura
glasses | Forever Young Glasses by MUDSKIN
sweater | Tilden Sweater by Sleepy Eddy (TMD)
pants | Westov Jeans by VERSOV (TMD)
shoes | Sobek Sneakers by Native Urban (TMD)

jellybeans | Study Break / Jelly Beans by Random Matter (World of Magic)
chocolates | Study Break / Praline Polliwog by Random Matter (World of Magic)
map | The Mischief Map by Insomnia Angel (World of Magic)
sweets | Study Break – Detonating Delights by Random Matter (World of Magic)
luggage | Wizard Luggage by KraftWork (World of Magic)
briefcase | Open Wizard Luggage by KraftWork (World of Magic)
books | Wizard Books by KraftWork (World of Magic)
scroll | Magic World Scroll by Raindale (World of Magic)
set | The Wizard Express by KraftWork (World of Magic)

Check out Sung’s Flickr for another version of this scene!!

Alekhine’s Gun

Alekhine's Gun

hair | Hugo by BURLEY
bindi | Arcano Rings & Bindi by Moon Amore
blusher | Sophie by The White Crow (Whimsical)
shawl | Red Queen’s Realm / Cheshire’s Shawl by CURELESS
glove | The Illusionist / Magisters Orb Container by Remarkable Oblivion
corset | Oroan’s Binding by CerberusXing (Eclipse)
pants | Cross Strap Boots & Pants by Gabriel

statue | Cult Society Buer Statue by Naberius
set | William’s Chamber by SEMPITERNAL (World of Magic)

The Restricted Section Is Over There

The Restricted Section Is Over There

hair | Queenie Mesh Hair by Wasabi (World of Magic)
uniform | Wizard Apprentice Outfit by CURELESS (World of Magic)
wand | Magic Wand Collection / Queenie Wand by Ghoul (World of Magic)
stocking + shoes | Muggle Platform Wedges & Stockings by Love (World of Magic)

desk | Hermione’s Desk by Merak (World of Magic)
chair | Hermione’s Chair by Merak (World of Magic)
book 1 | Book Magic / Not So Magical Potions by DISORDERLY (World of Magic)
book 2 | Book Magic / Not So Magical Suitcase by DISORDERLY (World of Magic)
book 3 | Book Magic / Not So Magical Birdcage by DISORDERLY (World of Magic)
magnifying glasses | Eccentric’s Curios / Reflector A, B & C by ContraptioN (World of Magic)
footstool | Streetside Stepladder by Naberius
building | Streetside Bookshop by Naberius

Don’t Make Me Use This

Don't Make Me Use This

hair | Whiff by Tableau Vivant
blindfold | Your Present by C L A Vv (Sultry)
eyes | Zucc Eyes by Avi-Glam (World of Magic) (Opening Feb. 15th)
weapon | Natsumi Look / Katana by CHU-ING (Formally Hazy)
top | Kimono Neck Warmer by Shi.
jewelry | Teared Entrapment by CerberusXing (Belle)