Fighting Evil By Green Lights

Fighting Evil By Green Lights

hair | J0826 by tram
butterflies | Eden Scholar Gacha by Rosier (KPOP United Event)
dress | Hime Senshi by Violent Seduction
weapon | Lighting Magic Wand by Insomnia Angel
shoes | “Jane” Patent Leather Pumps by Salvadori

Check out Sung’s Blog to see what she’s wearing!!

Whatcha Waiting For?

Whatcha Waiting For

hair | H0919 by tram
bangs | sixsixsix bangs by BOYS TO THE BONE (Cake Days)
eyebrows | mel brows by keikumu
eyeliner | Marry the Night liner by Patane
eyeshadow | Crimson Makeup by ARISE
wings | Devil’s Manner / Wings by toksik
weapon | Specter Orb Censer by egosumaii
lingerie | Iris by Violent Seduction (ROMP)

well, hello there

well, hello there

hair | Andrea by Bold & Beauty
headpiece | Unicornis Horn by Violent Seduction (The Epiphany)
gloves | Unicornis Gloves by Violent Seduction (The Epiphany)
dress | Unicornis Dress by Violent Seduction (The Epiphany)
tail | Unicornis Tail by Violent Seduction (The Epiphany)
shoes | Unicornis Heels by Violent Seduction (The Epiphany)



hat | Iki’s Look Beret by Violent Seducation (The Epiphany)
hair | Taylor by Bold & Beauty
bag | Iki’s Look Bag by Violent Seducation (The Epiphany)
outfit | Iki’s Look Dress by Violent Seducation (The Epiphany)
tights | LSD Fishnets by CerberusXing (The Season Story)
boots | Iki’s Look Boots by Violent Seducation (The Epiphany)
location | Chu Chu



hair | Buffy by little bones
dress+headpiece | Eruda by Violent Seduction (The Crystal Heart Festival)
skin | Crystal Skin by Pity Party (The Crystal Heart Festival)
lipstain | Ichigo Lipstick by Enfer Sombre (The Crystal Heart Festival)
set | Heart of Glass Palace by anxiety (The Crystal Heart Festival)