. starting the day off right .

This is such a bittersweet post for me; since this will be the last product from an incredible brand – Cat-Noodle – co-owned by Bleue and Shiloh. This will be the last product from her brand for the foreseeable future. I just wanted to take a moment to just thank them for allowing me the time and patients in creating truly exciting photos with her products.

Because of Bleue and Shiloh, I have found a new enjoyment of taking food related photos in Second Life. Something I never really got into before; and it’s all due to their cooperation and talents. Just, thank you two for the love and support and I hope to see you guys around very soon! <3333

. starting the day off right .

nose | ctrawberry by kotte
food | sweet summery crepes by cat noodle (summerfest 2022)
top | atlantis by v.c. lab

. for my next con .

. for my next con .

hat | fox detective hat by kiru (otacon)
skin | yoshi by avarosa (access)
hairbase | kotaro hairbase by addon (mancave)
outfit | mad dog by v.c. lab

shelving, machine & cosplay display | cosplay studio by random matter (otacon)
posters + books | manga set + posters by evil baby (otacon)
drinks | galaxia drink by the horror (otacon)
doll collection | dolls by garbaggio
paint brush | painter’s attic large brush holder by nutmeg
laptop | noticed by senpai / laptop by random matter
ear piece | hrt cyber ear by remarkable oblivion
desk | farmhouse counter by floorplan

. sacrifice .

. sacrifice .

hair | u115 by dura
eyes | anime eyes by avi glam
fangs | wittle monster gangs by quasar queens
top | favorite by v.c.lab
pants | remnant pants by toksik
cane | goat cane by deadwool (group gift)
poses | dress up poses by insomnia angel (melody sweet event)
birds | no limits / flock of flying doves by anc ltd
set | dornenburg scene by varonis

. cant get you out of my head .

. cant get you out of my head .

Make sure to check out LeLutka and Avarosa – along with the many other talented designers at this years Skin Fair! Below will be teleport links to the three sims associated with Skin Fair this year.

Skin Fair North
Skin Fair South
Skin Fair Cam

skin | lynch by avarosa (skin fair 2022)
head | noa by lelutka (skin fair 2022)
hair | tz0906 by wings
outfit | heartbreak by v.c.lab