I’ve Never Been Royal

I've Never Been Royal

crown | Dizzy Royal Crown by Insomnia Angel (Tannenbaum)
halo | Excelsis Deo Aura by LUX AETERNA
hair | B82 by Dura
eye makeup | Kitsune Marks by Rosier
coat | REDLABEL / Donatien Manteau by CURELESS
undershirt | Lestat Blouse by spectacledchic
pants | Leather Leggings by toksik (The Warehouse Sale)
set | William’s Chamber by LUX AETERNA

Ready On The Roof

Ready On The Roof

hair | Jullie by monso
eye makeup | Jeju Eyeshadows by TOP1SALON
choker | Utau charms by kotte
dress | Hannah outfit by cheezu
tights | High Wast Fishnet Tights by MIWAS
socks | Asymmetry Baggy Socks by Insomnia Angel (Anthem)
shoes | Syma Loafters by toksik

Check out Sung’s blog for credits & vlog!

I Scream for Ice Cream

I Scream for Ice Cream

hair | Jullie by monso (faMESHed)
eye makeup | Magnolia Eyeshadows by keikumu
bodysuit | Kropp Bodysuit by BOYS TO THE BONE
bag | Gamer Baby Princess Bag by Dirty Princess
food | Ice Cream Gacha by Tentacio
hands | Hand Bandages by kotte (Kawaii Project)
pants | Nittio Jeans by BOYS TO THE BONE (Kustom9)
shoes | Jihi Shoes by toksik
set | Photo Booth / Ice Cream by FOXCITY (C88)

Just a Prick

Just a Prick

hair | Andrea by Bold & Beauty
needles | Cotton Baby / Cosmetic Acupuncture by Insomnia Angel (Epiphany)
collar | Cotton Baby / Lace Collar by Insomnia Angel (Epiphany)
piercing | Cotton Baby / Body Corset Piercing by Insomnia Angel (Epiphany)
top | Cotton Baby / Chiffon Tops by Insomnia Angel (Epiphany)
pants | Dear Alice / Bloomers by toksik

Sakura Kitsune

Sakura Kitsune

hair | Heidi Hair by bonbon (formally NANI)
hairpiece | Shamisen Hairpins by CeberusXing & TeaBunny
ears | Nekomata by egosumaii
eyebrows | Fantas Brows Pack III by aii
eyes | Mystical Collection by Gloom (Harajuku)
eye makeup | Kitsune Marks by Rosier
familiar | Yokai Chronicals / Zenko Kitsune by CURELESS
dress | Propitious Qipao Dress by toksik (Kustom9)
tail | Shiro-hatibi by Insomnia Angel / konpeitou (formally siratama)