. the one and oni .

. the one and oni .

hair | squirrel by zao
horns | veiled horn by bunk
eyes | spiral weave eyes by insomnia angel (the warehouse sale)
makeup | ryomen tattoo by cyka
teeth | oni teeth by the deadboy
collar | rugged collar by cerberusxing
top | stringer tank by noche
jacket | pvc jacket by toksik

. innocents .

. innocents .

hair | mimi hair by miwas
food | choco strawberry by kotte
fc makeup | haru tattoo by ladybird
top | ghoulie top by vincue (the warehouse sale)
panties | puppy angel by miwas
garter | heartache garter by insomnia angel (the warehouse sale) *MUST have the Maze Soft Thigh to wear properly*
stockings | baroque corset stockings by cureless

. meditative state of mind .

. meditative state of mind .

So many wonderful designers comprised the overall look of this blogpost. Ananas‘ “Anywhere Meditate” pillow was what I built the entire concept around. Since you only need to attach the pillow and mediate. It created this really cool ‘mystical’ vibe that I wanted to pair with this newly released outfit by toksik.

Wanting to add more details, I added this newly released “Keys of the Nine” by CerberusXing to add some ornate touches like the necklace was handcrafted or something. This is why I also paired the “Arbutin Face Gloss” by keikumu with this look – in hopes that it gave similar vibes of handcrafted and mysticism.

From there, the balance felt off to be, so I wanted to add something behind my avatar. This is where Lanevo’s “Kosuifuutai” was used to bulk up the back. Growing up in the 90’s/00’s, Yugioh was obviously apart of my childhood. And this back piece reminded me of a certain trio of card you could play to special summon a creature called, “Gate Guardian”. I also wanted to give a nod by using its red, green and blue color scheme in the outfit.

hair #1 | b105 by dura
hair #2 | u118 by dura
earrings | purgatory earring by dae
outfit | valiance by tokisk (the warehouse sale)
facial makeup | arbutin face gloss by keikumu (anthem)
necklace #1 | nook necklace by tokisk (group gift)
neckalce #2 | keys of the nine by cerberusxing (the mens dept)
backpiece | kosuifuutai windbag by lanevo
pillow | anywhere meditate by ananas (access)