just another day

just another day

hair | Autumn hair by Raven Bell ( The Season’s Story)
horns | Kaori Hair by bonbon
eyes | Yako by gloom
lips | Glampire Lips by S0NG
dress | Twig Dress by BOYS TO THE BONE (The Summoning Event)
bag | Plastic Bag by ATTIC

set | Subway Backdrop by taikou (Kustom9)
yokai | Yokai Tsukumogami by ATTIC, KICO Figures by Maru Kado,
Sakura Gacha by Maru Kado and MATSURI CAT set by Maru Kado



hat | Iki’s Look Beret by Violent Seducation (The Epiphany)
hair | Taylor by Bold & Beauty
bag | Iki’s Look Bag by Violent Seducation (The Epiphany)
outfit | Iki’s Look Dress by Violent Seducation (The Epiphany)
tights | LSD Fishnets by CerberusXing (The Season Story)
boots | Iki’s Look Boots by Violent Seducation (The Epiphany)
location | Chu Chu

She’s Waiting

She's Waiting

horn + wings | Black Devil Mini by Bare Rose
hair | Utau by kotte
eyes | Real Eyes by anatomy
collar | Utau Charms / Lunactic Choker by kotte
lingerie | Simplicity Lingerie by Moon Amore (C88)
pipe | Monstrum Kiseru by CerberusXing (The Seasons Story)
tail | Bakeneko / Shapeshifter Tails by CURELESS

Getting High Off Him

Getting High Off Him

hair | Cosmos by INK
kimono | Kimono Neck Warmer by .Shi
bra | Wrap Bustier by .Shi
pants | Harem Pants by CerberusXing
seats | Chen Tou by CerberusXing (The Season Story)
pipes | Dragon Yan Qiang by CerberusXing (The Season Story)
lights | Yan Deng by CerberusXing (The Season Story)
tray | Yan Pan by by CerberusXing (The Season Story)
table | Opium Table by CerberusXing (The Season Story)
bed | Opium Bed by CerberusXing (The Season Story)
lover | Skeletal System by CURELESS

213. | Autumnal Season


hat // OVERHIGH // Classic Hat
hair // TAKETOMI // Kaito [The Men’s Dept]
jacket // ISON // Oversized Wool Coat
pussy // DAVID HEATHER // Autumn Chic Pussy [The Seasons Story]
bag // DAVID HEATHER // Bark Bag [The Seasons Story]
rings // IEQED // Claw Rings [Mystic Realms Faire]
shorts // NYU // High Waist Shorts
boots // DAVID HEATHER // Bomber Boots [The Seasons Story]