In The Midst of Battle

In The Midst of Battle

hair | F728 by tram
jewlery | Moonlight Jewels by CURELESS
tattoo | Magnolia Tournmaline by CURELESS
outfit | Shrine Maiden by CURELESS (The Epiphany)
animal | Zenko Kitsune by CURELESS (The Epiphany)
weapon | The Soukeeper by CURELESS&DISORDERLY
stockings | Baroque Corset Stockings by CURELESS
shoes | Fujin Geta by CURELESS (The Epiphany)

The Last One Standing

The Last One Standing

hair | Hello by little bones
ears | Kitsune Ears by aii
brows | Fantasy Brows by aii
eyes | Cat Eye Syndrome by CURELESS
weapon | Natsumi Look by Hazy (Okinawa Summer Festival)
dress | Dragon Set by Pixicat (The Epiphany)
stockings | Nekotabi Stockings by CURELESS (Lootbox)
shoes | Kitty Geta by CURELESS (Lootbox)