Secrets Should Be Kept In The Dark

Secrets Should Be Kept In The Dark

headpieces | Sweetness Gacha / Grimade Headdress by Insomnia Angel (The Epiphany)
hair | Mavis Hair by bonbon
undereye makeup | Undereye Blush by Izzie’s
eye liner | Aura Eyeliner by TOP1SALON
tears | Dissolved Tears by antielle (now CURELESS)
fx makeup | Nosebleed by Clemmm
dress | Sweetness Gacha / Banoffee Dress by Insomnia Angel (The Epiphany)
tights | High Waist Fishnet Tights by MIWAS
garters | Sweetness Gacha / Royal Garter by Insomnia Angel (The Epiphany)
gloves | Sweetness Gacha / Cuffs by Insomnia Angel (The Epiphany)
nails | Conjuration Set by CerberusXing
fx makeup | Damaged Hands & Run Down Bloody Hands by Clemmm
tattoo | Cronopios Collection / Daigo by Bolson

well, hello there

well, hello there

hair | Andrea by Bold & Beauty
headpiece | Unicornis Horn by Violent Seduction (The Epiphany)
gloves | Unicornis Gloves by Violent Seduction (The Epiphany)
dress | Unicornis Dress by Violent Seduction (The Epiphany)
tail | Unicornis Tail by Violent Seduction (The Epiphany)
shoes | Unicornis Heels by Violent Seduction (The Epiphany)

cut my strings

cut my strings

hair | Vogue Hair #2 by BOYS TO THE BONE (K9)
tiara | Puppet Show / Triada Tiara by Moon Amore (The Epiphany)
dress | Puppet Show / Puppet Master Dress by Moon Amore (The Epiphany)
gloves | Puppet Show / Muse Gloves by Moon Amore (The Epiphany)
leggings | Puppet Show / Scene Stockings by Moon Amore (The Epiphany)
dolls | Puppet Show / Dolly Props by Moon Amore (The Epiphany)

i wanna be where the people arn’t

i wanna be where the people arn't

hair | Liquid Soul / Brave Waves by Moon Amore (The Epiphany)
dress | Medusa’s Outfit by Moon Amore (The Epiphany)
shoes | Liquid Soul / Tap-Tap Shoes by Moon Amore (The Epiphany)
fish | Liquid Soul / Lil Fish & Shaol Fish by Moon Amore (The Epiphany)
bubbles | Ocean Lover / Bubbles by Moon Amore
decor | I’m planet by anc Ltd.

i’m ready

i'm ready

hair | B89 by Dura
accessory | Head Connecter by CerberusXing & SOLE (The Epiphany)
mask | Chemical Collab / SA Mask by CerberusXing & SOLE (The Epiphany)
collar | Neck Regulator by CerberusXing & SOLE (The Epiphany)
jacket | Chemical Collab / Jacket by CerberusXing & SOLE (The Epiphany)
bra | Chemical Collab / Tube Top by CerberusXing & SOLE (The Epiphany)
thong + boots | Chemical Collab / Bottom Set by CerberusXing & SOLE (The Epiphany)

building 1 | Deathracer / Death Storage by ANTINATURAL
building 2 | Metamorphose2077 / BUILD1.01 by ANTINATURAL
motorcycle | Deathracer / Speed Demon by ANTINATURAL
vehicle | Futuristic Car by ToKKen Industries
android | Wheatley Drone by ToKKen Industries
pods | Synthetic Crush / Bot Capsule by ANTINATURAL