pluto’s ascent

pluto's acsent

hair | H0919 by tram
jewlery | Moonlight Jewel by CURELESS
eyes | Starlight Eyes by S0NG (The Crystal Heart Festival)
lashes | Doll House Eyelashes by Wednesday
dress | Eternal Senshi Redux by CURELESS (The Crystal Heart Festival)
wand | Crystal Rod by CURELESS (The Crystal Heart Festival)
shoes | Karen Pumps by Garbaggio

Fighting Evil By Moonlight

Fighting Evil By Moonlight

hair | Molly by Ayshi
top | Sailie Top by CerberusXing & Vincue (The Crystal Heart Festival)
shirt | Sailie Skirt by CerberusXing & Vincue (The Crystal Heart Festival)
weapon | Girl Fight – Bat by random.Matter
shoes | Leah Look-shoes by M.BIRDIE
demon | Yokao Chronicles / Gashadorkuro by CURELESS
building | Late Night Tunnel Backdrop by taikou

238. | Into The Woods Again

238. | Into the Woods Again

antlers | Long Antlers by ATTIC (kustom9)
hair | Mars by little bones (Crystal Heart Festival)
dress | Summer Breeze by Whitesong (Ferosh Fashion Weekend)
hedge | Juniper Hedge by Apple Fall (The Crossroads)
beads | Nebra Beads by anc
trees | Honey Mesquite by Little Branch (On9)

237. | The Sailor Soldier

237. | A Sailor Soldier

hat | Senshi of the End Winged Cap by CURELESS & DISORDERLY (Crystal Hearts Festival)
hair | Mercury by little bones (Crystal Hearts Festival)
necklace | Nicky Pearl Drops by Glam Affair (The Forest)
corset | Temptation Corset by Pixicat
weapon | The Auroras by Empyrean Forge