Cerberus Can Smell The Satyr Sacks

Cerberus Can Smell The Satyr Sacks

I don’t know if you guys have heard of this game, Hades, but its this game that revolved around the son of Hades; Zagreus. The backstory is basically about his pursuit in escaping the Underworld so he could travel to Mount Olympus. Once I saw the Kronos’ Crown from CerberusXing, I knew I had to do a little Cosplay, modern-day version of Zagreus! So I hope guys like it!!!!

hair | Koji by taketomi
crown | Kronos’ Crown by CerberusXing (Saturnalia)
eyes | Willow Eyes by PSYCHO Byts
scars | Scar 3 by avarosa
jacket | Today’s Fleece Blouson by Sallie
pants | Chinos by villena

Sakura Prince

Sakura Prince

CerberusXing showcases it’s unique styling of armor for Days of Yore with, The Heathen Armguards. Days of Yore celebrates bygones days, embracing the old and equipping the knowledge of today with the aesthetics of yesterday.

If Gor or some combat Roleplay is up your alley, you should check out the armguards from CerberusXing and the rest of the amazing designers from Days of Yore.

hair | HaeSol by taketomi
bindi | Moon Bindi by ALTAIR
eyes | Temptation Eyes by Avi-Glam
gauntlets | Heathen Armguard by CerberusXing (Days of Yore)
outfit | Katahaori by Gabriel

Neon Goth

Neon Goth

hair | Koji by taketomi
bindi | Moonlight Jewels by CURELESS (Group Gift)
jacket | Oversized Jacket by CerberusXing (TMD)
tank | Liten Tan by BOYS TO THE BONE
pant | Cross Strap Boots & Pants by Gabriel
set | Nighttime Bus Stop by taikou
vendor | Pink Lady / 1 by haikei
vendor | Vending Machine / Gum by taikou
vendor | Vending Machine / Soda by taikou

251. | Street Arcade


hair | Taketomi – Koji
hairbase | Taketomi – BarberCuts Style01 [MOD]
headphones | Shi – Headphones [The Arcade Gacha Event]
eyeliner | MONS – Black Eyeliner
lipstick | blackLiquid – SS 2013 Deluxe Lipsticks
coat | AMITOMO – Plaid Half Coat
backpack | Shi – Leather Grained Backpack [The Arcade Gacha Event]