Don’t Make Me Use This

Don't Make Me Use This

hair | Whiff by Tableau Vivant
blindfold | Your Present by C L A Vv (Sultry)
eyes | Zucc Eyes by Avi-Glam (World of Magic) (Opening Feb. 15th)
weapon | Natsumi Look / Katana by CHU-ING (Formally Hazy)
top | Kimono Neck Warmer by Shi.
jewelry | Teared Entrapment by CerberusXing (Belle)

Never Sweeter

Never Sweeter

The Cupid Inc. Event will be opening February 1st, 2019 at 1pm SLT.

hair | Amore Hair by Tableau Vivant (Cupid Inc. Event)
necklace | Cinderella Necklace by Glam Affair
nails | Flirt Nails by Ascendant (Cupid Inc. Event)
gown | Passionate Gown by Moon Amore (Cupid Inc. Event)

Check out the following for all information about Cupid Inc.:
Official Website
Facebook Page
Flickr Group

Speak Of The Devil

Speak Of The Devil

hair | Seelie and Unsellie by Tableau Vivant
bang | Gavri’ela by .Shi
eyes | Seeress Eyes by CURELESS (CUREMORE PoisonMe Halloween Hunt)
eyeshadow | Inmate Eyebags by ANTINATURAL
collar | XenoCircuit by CerberusXing (Dark Style Fair)
bodysuit | HellSpawn Bodysuit by Moon Amore (CUREMORE PoisonMe Halloween Hunt)
body scars | Claw Wounds by Izzie’s (The Salem Event)
nails | Broken Claws by CerberusXing
set | Sempiternal by anxiety
seat | The Father’s Chair by SEMPITERNAL (CUREMORE PoisonMe Halloween Hunt)

Spring Has Arrived

Spring Has Arrived

hair | Whispers in the Wind by Tableau Vivant
dress | Daisy Dreams by Moon Amore (Bloom)
terrarium | Daisy’s Terrarium by Moon Amore (Bloom)
hat | Daisy Hat by Moon Amore (Bloom)
umbrella | Umbrella by Moon Amore (Bloom)
decanter | Watering Can by Moon Amore (Bloom)
jars | Daisy Jar by Moon Amore (Bloom)
trees | Yellow Orchid Tree by Little Branch (The Liaison Collaborative)

When I’m Cut, I Do Bleed

When I'm Cut, I Do Bleed

hair | Seelie&Unseelie by Tableau Vivant
face tattoo | Scar Tissue / Wide-eyed by CUREMORE (New Release)
eyes | Terrible Creature by Genesis Lab
body tattoo 1 | Seelie&Unseelie Body Tattoo by Glam Affair & Tableau Vivant
body tattoo 2 | Scar Tissue / Big Cat Scratch by CUREMORE (New Release)
dress | Scar Tissue / Patient Cage by CUREMORE (New Release)
hands | Demon Hands by Death Row Designs