. neo appeal .

. neo appeal .

hair | j0306 by tram
mask | kay-1nfc3d mask by psycho byts
neck piece | mh4 neck cover by contraption
shoulder piece #1 | trans ring by sole
shoulder piece #2 | ak pauldron by sole
back piece | ah wing ring by sole
bodysuit | hikaru suit by cubic cherry
garter | firmly bound harness by cerberusxing (kustom9)

. behind you .

. behind you .

hair | b92 by dura
skin | kiyoshi skin by avarosa (new mainstore release)
visor | glasses ego by sole (the warehouse sale)
fx nose makeup | nose blood by avarosa (new mainstore release)
jaw | facial fracture by contraption
jacket | liberation jacket by lanevo (the warehouse sale)
pants | cross strap boots & pants by gabriel
set | swer by paleto (the warehouse sale)

. seeing into the future .

. seeing into the future .

hair | angel hairstyle by doux
skin | ren by avarosa (harajuku event)
head | eon by lelutka
eyes | alondra eyes by avarosa
facial features | proof 2.0 by sole (the warehouse sale)
cowl #1 | ak-pack by sole
cowl #2 | trans ring by sole
body features | std-p system by sole
suit | deathracer / secondskin suit by antinatural

We Are All Born Alone

We Are All Born Alone

hair | B103 by Dura (TMD)
fx scars | Tokio Scars by Harakiri
collar | STD-P Collar by SOLE
jacket | Xing Coat by Hotdog & ContraptioN
pants | Cross Strap Boots & Pants by Gabriel
weapon | Reforged Reaper by CerberusXing
setting | Lovesick Backdrop by taikou (K9)

Neo Knight of the Zodiac

Neo Knight of the Zodiac

headpiece | Persephonix Horns by PSYCHO Byts
hair | U85 by Dura
face piece | Facial Fracture by ContraptioN (NEO Japan)
weapon | Helion Blade by The Forge
choker | STD-P Choker by SOLE (NEO Japan)
shoulder piece | STD-P AP Tech by SOLE (NEO Japan)
arms | Neo Arms Freezed by REKT (NEO Japan)
belt | STD-P Ribs Belt by SOLE (NEO Japan)
legs | FL-33T Runner Prosthetic Legs by ContraptioN (NEO Japan)

Rain. On. Me.

Rain. On. Me.

hair | J0109 by tram
piercings | Sideswept Piercing Collection by HoD (modified)
collar | Hell’s Harbinger by CerberusXing
shoulder pads | Pauldron by CerberusXing & SOLE
bodysuit | Ecatarina Latex Lingerie by BigBeautifulDoll
gloves | Liah Gloves by MIWAS
tights | High Waist Fishnet Tights by MIWAS
strap | Mimi Leg Strap by MIWAS
heels | Karina by Renegade

i’m ready

i'm ready

hair | B89 by Dura
accessory | Head Connecter by CerberusXing & SOLE (The Epiphany)
mask | Chemical Collab / SA Mask by CerberusXing & SOLE (The Epiphany)
collar | Neck Regulator by CerberusXing & SOLE (The Epiphany)
jacket | Chemical Collab / Jacket by CerberusXing & SOLE (The Epiphany)
bra | Chemical Collab / Tube Top by CerberusXing & SOLE (The Epiphany)
thong + boots | Chemical Collab / Bottom Set by CerberusXing & SOLE (The Epiphany)

building 1 | Deathracer / Death Storage by ANTINATURAL
building 2 | Metamorphose2077 / BUILD1.01 by ANTINATURAL
motorcycle | Deathracer / Speed Demon by ANTINATURAL
vehicle | Futuristic Car by ToKKen Industries
android | Wheatley Drone by ToKKen Industries
pods | Synthetic Crush / Bot Capsule by ANTINATURAL