Alekhine’s Gun

Alekhine's Gun

hair | Hugo by BURLEY
bindi | Arcano Rings & Bindi by Moon Amore
blusher | Sophie by The White Crow (Whimsical)
shawl | Red Queen’s Realm / Cheshire’s Shawl by CURELESS
glove | The Illusionist / Magisters Orb Container by Remarkable Oblivion
corset | Oroan’s Binding by CerberusXing (Eclipse)
pants | Cross Strap Boots & Pants by Gabriel

statue | Cult Society Buer Statue by Naberius
set | William’s Chamber by SEMPITERNAL (World of Magic)

Speak Of The Devil

Speak Of The Devil

hair | Seelie and Unsellie by Tableau Vivant
bang | Gavri’ela by .Shi
eyes | Seeress Eyes by CURELESS (CUREMORE PoisonMe Halloween Hunt)
eyeshadow | Inmate Eyebags by ANTINATURAL
collar | XenoCircuit by CerberusXing (Dark Style Fair)
bodysuit | HellSpawn Bodysuit by Moon Amore (CUREMORE PoisonMe Halloween Hunt)
body scars | Claw Wounds by Izzie’s (The Salem Event)
nails | Broken Claws by CerberusXing
set | Sempiternal by anxiety
seat | The Father’s Chair by SEMPITERNAL (CUREMORE PoisonMe Halloween Hunt)