. for my next con .

. for my next con .

hat | fox detective hat by kiru (otacon)
skin | yoshi by avarosa (access)
hairbase | kotaro hairbase by addon (mancave)
outfit | mad dog by v.c. lab

shelving, machine & cosplay display | cosplay studio by random matter (otacon)
posters + books | manga set + posters by evil baby (otacon)
drinks | galaxia drink by the horror (otacon)
doll collection | dolls by garbaggio
paint brush | painter’s attic large brush holder by nutmeg
laptop | noticed by senpai / laptop by random matter
ear piece | hrt cyber ear by remarkable oblivion
desk | farmhouse counter by floorplan

Alekhine’s Gun

Alekhine's Gun

hair | Hugo by BURLEY
bindi | Arcano Rings & Bindi by Moon Amore
blusher | Sophie by The White Crow (Whimsical)
shawl | Red Queen’s Realm / Cheshire’s Shawl by CURELESS
glove | The Illusionist / Magisters Orb Container by Remarkable Oblivion
corset | Oroan’s Binding by CerberusXing (Eclipse)
pants | Cross Strap Boots & Pants by Gabriel

statue | Cult Society Buer Statue by Naberius
set | William’s Chamber by SEMPITERNAL (World of Magic)