. for my next con .

. for my next con .

hat | fox detective hat by kiru (otacon)
skin | yoshi by avarosa (access)
hairbase | kotaro hairbase by addon (mancave)
outfit | mad dog by v.c. lab

shelving, machine & cosplay display | cosplay studio by random matter (otacon)
posters + books | manga set + posters by evil baby (otacon)
drinks | galaxia drink by the horror (otacon)
doll collection | dolls by garbaggio
paint brush | painter’s attic large brush holder by nutmeg
laptop | noticed by senpai / laptop by random matter
ear piece | hrt cyber ear by remarkable oblivion
desk | farmhouse counter by floorplan

. just castin’ spells .

. just castin' spells .

outfit | astral wizard by somnium (witchcraft and wizardry)
bag | owlet carrier by kotte (witchcraft and wizardry)
books + pose | jean by secret poses (witchcraft and wizardry)
bookshelf + book piles | reading room by random matter (witchcraft and wizardry)
snack | leliel chocolate frog by insomnia angel (witchcraft and wizardry)
candle + skull | candle holder and skull by idk (witchcraft and wizardry)

. cooking club .

. cooking club .

hair | ho419 by tram
head | Connor by LeLutka
outfit | school gym suit / top by m.birdie
drink | frappuccino by kotte (tmd)

prepared food #1 | steamy noods / dumplings by random matter (otacon)
prepared food #2 | steamy noods / rice by random matter (otacon)
prepared food #3 | steamy noods / ramen by random matter (otacon)
lunch box | bento box by makokoi (otacon)
rice cooker | rice cooker by taikou
fruit | choco strawberry / undipped by kotte
chopsticks | cup of chopsticks by oyasumi
stove | gas stove by soy
pan | frying tamagoyaki by attic
pot | pot by soy

pose | Academia Couple by fashiowl (otacon)

Check out Mauro’s Blog for Details!!

Stroll Through the Festival

Stroll Through the Festival

hair | B103 by Dura
glasses| Forever Young Glasses by MUDKSIN
lanyard| Noticed By Senpai \ Lanyard by random matter
hoodie | Tackt Hoodie by BTTB
food | Taiyaki Ice Cream by taikou
bag | Plastic Bag by taikou
pants | Basix Jeans by THIRST

building | Edge of Town by K&S (K9)
building | Shitamachi Alley Garden by Soy.
stall | Takoyaki Stall by C L A Vv.
stall | Japanese Summer Food Stall by ATTIC
subway | Old Tokyo Metro Enternce by Polydoll

Check out Mauro’s blog to see his stuff!!

just a normal, magical boy

just a normal, magical boy

hair | Umbriel Hair by Raven Bell (The Crystal Heart Festival)
outfit | Hansel Dungaree by BOYS TO THE BONE

manga | Notice By Senpai / Manga Stack by random.Matter
notebook | Crystal Life / Deathnote by Wednesday
case | Academy / Pencil Case by random.Matter (The Crystal Heart Festival)
notepad | Sakura Life / Planner by Wednesday (The Crystal Heart Festival)
book | Crystal Life / Sailor Book by Wednesday
pencil holder | Sakura Life / Pen bins by Wedneday (The Crystal Heart Festival)
tablet | Crystal Life / Tablet by Wednesday
computer | Academy / Computer by random.Matter (The Crystal Heart Festival)
gaming device | Girls and Roses / Violin Game by Wednesday
drink | Snack Haul / Boba Tea by random.Matter
food | Snack Haul / Kimbap by random.Matter
cards | Sakura Life / Cards by Wednesday (The Crystal Heart Festival)
bag | Sakura Life / Bag by Wednesday
wall decor | Sakura Life / Wall Art by Wednesday (The Crystal Heart Festival)
outlet | Girls and Roses / Multi Socket by Wednesday
rug | Sakura Life / Magical Rug by Wednesday (The Crystal Heart Festival)

Whose HP?

Whose HP?

hair | B68 by Dura
glasses | Forever Young Glasses by MUDSKIN
sweater | Tilden Sweater by Sleepy Eddy (TMD)
pants | Westov Jeans by VERSOV (TMD)
shoes | Sobek Sneakers by Native Urban (TMD)

jellybeans | Study Break / Jelly Beans by Random Matter (World of Magic)
chocolates | Study Break / Praline Polliwog by Random Matter (World of Magic)
map | The Mischief Map by Insomnia Angel (World of Magic)
sweets | Study Break – Detonating Delights by Random Matter (World of Magic)
luggage | Wizard Luggage by KraftWork (World of Magic)
briefcase | Open Wizard Luggage by KraftWork (World of Magic)
books | Wizard Books by KraftWork (World of Magic)
scroll | Magic World Scroll by Raindale (World of Magic)
set | The Wizard Express by KraftWork (World of Magic)

Check out Sung’s Flickr for another version of this scene!!



on taylor
hair | Ashanti Hair by Limerence (Cupid Inc. Event)
eyes | Amore Circle Lens by CURELESS
bindi | Moonlight Jewel by CURELESS
lanyard | Noticed by Senpai / Lanyard by random Matter
sweater | Oversized Shirt by mon tissu (on longer open)

food & decor
burger | Hearty Burger by CURELESS (Cupid Inc. Event)
pizza | Amore Pizza by CURELESS (Cupid Inc. Event)
drink #1 | BonBon Floats / Cheery Soda by CURELESS (Cupid Inc. Event)
drink #2 | BonBon Floats / Root Beer by CURELESS (Cupid Inc. Event)
donuts | Donut Bouquet by tentacio (Cupid Inc. Event)
popcorn | Valentine pop corn by tentacio (Cupid Inc. Event)
flowers| Rose Box by tentacio (Cupid Inc. Event)

Check out Sung’s blog to see what she is wearing!!

Check out the following for all information about Cupid Inc.:
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Fighting Evil By Moonlight

Fighting Evil By Moonlight

hair | Molly by Ayshi
top | Sailie Top by CerberusXing & Vincue (The Crystal Heart Festival)
shirt | Sailie Skirt by CerberusXing & Vincue (The Crystal Heart Festival)
weapon | Girl Fight – Bat by random.Matter
shoes | Leah Look-shoes by M.BIRDIE
demon | Yokao Chronicles / Gashadorkuro by CURELESS
building | Late Night Tunnel Backdrop by taikou