. the masked .

. the masked .

hair | b103 by dura
horns | oni horns by valkyr
ear tattoo | ear tattoo by avarosa
mask | rael neck gaiter by cubic cherry (the warehouse sale)
top | stringer tank by noche
shoulder piece | daerwen pauldron by the forge
arm piece | iron arms by pfc
weapon | magic sword by sekai (the crystal heart festival)
fx markings | cheyenne by ladybird
tattoo | daigo by bolson

. subway nights .

. subway nights .

hair | neon hair by sintiklia
head | eon by lelutka
glasses | farseer glasses by cerberusxing (the wareshouse sale)
eyes | malik eyes by avarosa
necklace | dumpty key necklace by kotte
top | armani mesh croptop by noche
tattoo | sukuna tattoo by skoll
bag | messenger bag by tanaka (midnight order)
cigarette | edgy cigarettes by evermore (the warehouse sale)
pants | track pants by represent x semller
shoes | 4am kickers by tanaka (the warehouse sale)
set | last stop backdrop by varonis (midnight order)

003 . 半妖日記 : Simple and Clean

Before entering the Hot Springs, patrons of a Public Bathhouse are asked to clean themselves off. As I have mentioned a couple of posts back; institutions like this are meant more for relaxation then anything else. So, cleaning yourself before entering a shared spaced as intimated as a community bath, is greatly appreciated.

Here we have the pair in the middle of washing off in the shower room. As you can see, taikou has created rows of shower stands with stools along with two large steamy baths; if showering isn’t your thing. Shampoo and conditioner is also kindly provided incase you may have forgotten to bring your own.

Next comes my favorite locations, the outdoor Hot Springs!!

003 . 半妖日記 : Simple and Clean

showers | Bathhouse Shower Stand by taikou
seats | Bath Stool by taikou
bowls | Wooden Wash Bucket by taikou
shampoo | Shampoo & Conditioner Bottle by taikou
baths | Bathhouse Bath Tub by taikou

towels | Tommy Towel Essentials by NOCHE
water droplets | Wet Body & Face by Izzie’s