Baked Goods

Baked Goods

hair | B89 by Dura (TMD)
bindi | Moonlight Jewels by CURELESS
eyes | Lethe Eyes by CURELESS (Group Gift)
accessories | Starry Girl Face Stickers by Half-Deer
choker | Lust Chocker by Mossu
jacket | Nalle Jacket by BOYS TO THE BONE (Kustom9)
top | Grunge Crop by BOYS TO THE BONE
pants | Huvud Jeans by BOYS TO THE BONE

sim | Tokyo Street Sim

You Will Not Be Forgiven

You Will Not Be Forgiven

hairpiece | Saint Guard by Mossu (The Epiphany)
hors | Twisted Dragon Horns by Aii (Kurenai)
eye makeup | Inmate Eyebags by ANTINATURAL
lipstick | Dry Lips by ANTINATURAL
hands | Run Down Bloody Hands by clemmm
scratches | Big Cat Scratch by CUREMORE
outfit | Sister Lilith by CURELESS
tentacles | Profane Invocation by CURELESS
decor | Rusty Chains by CerberusXing (TMD)