. cooking club .

. cooking club .

hair | ho419 by tram
head | Connor by LeLutka
outfit | school gym suit / top by m.birdie
drink | frappuccino by kotte (tmd)

prepared food #1 | steamy noods / dumplings by random matter (otacon)
prepared food #2 | steamy noods / rice by random matter (otacon)
prepared food #3 | steamy noods / ramen by random matter (otacon)
lunch box | bento box by makokoi (otacon)
rice cooker | rice cooker by taikou
fruit | choco strawberry / undipped by kotte
chopsticks | cup of chopsticks by oyasumi
stove | gas stove by soy
pan | frying tamagoyaki by attic
pot | pot by soy

pose | Academia Couple by fashiowl (otacon)

Check out Mauro’s Blog for Details!!

. anniversary luncheon .

. anniversary luncheon .

Happy 5th Year Anniversary kotte <33333

flowers | Spring Bag by kotte (Group Gift)
bento lunch box | onigiri lunch box by kotte (Weekend Sale)
ramen bowls + kettle + honey jar + mug + light | food – set B by kotte
tea | tea set by kotte
oxen plushie | moomoo cow by kotte
strawberries | choco strawberry by kotte
candied fruit | candied fruit skewers by kotte

004 . 半妖日記 : Relaxation

To finish off this series featuring Taikou’s Public Bathhouse set, I wanted to end in the outdoor Hot Springs. Duel Hot Springs sit on either side of a dividing wall. This dividing wall and accompanying fence come in several textures and allow for singular or mass texture changes.

The Hot Spring itself has dozens of single pose and couples poses. Insanely great for moments when you want to be with your significant other, or (if you purchase the adult version) a little more intimate moment when it’s just the two of you in the Hot Springs.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this four-photo series explore how I decorated this amazingly detailed bathhouse from Taikou. Please, if you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to go to the Taikou mainstore and see it for yourself.

004 . 半妖日記 : Relaxation

hot springs | taikou / Outdoor Hot Springs Bath by taikou

003 . 半妖日記 : Simple and Clean

Before entering the Hot Springs, patrons of a Public Bathhouse are asked to clean themselves off. As I have mentioned a couple of posts back; institutions like this are meant more for relaxation then anything else. So, cleaning yourself before entering a shared spaced as intimated as a community bath, is greatly appreciated.

Here we have the pair in the middle of washing off in the shower room. As you can see, taikou has created rows of shower stands with stools along with two large steamy baths; if showering isn’t your thing. Shampoo and conditioner is also kindly provided incase you may have forgotten to bring your own.

Next comes my favorite locations, the outdoor Hot Springs!!

003 . 半妖日記 : Simple and Clean

showers | Bathhouse Shower Stand by taikou
seats | Bath Stool by taikou
bowls | Wooden Wash Bucket by taikou
shampoo | Shampoo & Conditioner Bottle by taikou
baths | Bathhouse Bath Tub by taikou

towels | Tommy Towel Essentials by NOCHE
water droplets | Wet Body & Face by Izzie’s

002 . 半妖日記 : Time to Taking it Off

For the next installment of this photo series on the taikou Public Bathhouse. For this specific photo, our two young characters have paid for a day of pampering and comfort via the outdoor Hot Springs in the back. But first, they need to disrobe and clean themselves before they can finally relax.

The Looker Room is where you would usually store your clothing and other possession for the time you spend in the Bathhouse. Items like clothing, phones, bags and other thing you want to keep stored and away from water. Just don’t forget to grab some shampoo and other stuff to take with you into the shower.

002 . 半妖日記 : Time to Taking it Off

top | Vasteras Vest by Boys To The Bone (School Days)

shelves | Wooden table shelves by taikou
basket | Woven laundry basket by taikou
towels | Folded bath towel by taikou
bench | Wooden Bench by taikou
locker | Bathhouse Lockers by taikou
clock | Modern Wall Clock by taikou
scale | Bathhouse Weight Scale by taikou
chair | Bathhouse Massage Chair by taikou

001 . 半妖日記 : Off to the Public Bathhouse

001 . 半妖日記 : Off to the Public Bathhouse

I wanted to have some fun with this Bathhouse that was lovingly made by the one and only Hiro of Taikou! So be prepared for several photos showcasing this build in the coming days. I had a lot of fun with it, and I hope you guys enjoy both my photos and the building and decorations Hiro created.

This bathhouse has so many amazing opportunities for some really immersive applications in Second Life. I could see this fitting perfectly in some Roleplay sims or even in a photographic sim to add more realism to the sim overall.

The Public Bathhouse, as it is titled, comes with several rooms split right down the middle. Mimicking the real life architecture of Japanese public bathhouses. In addition to the building itself, Taikou has kindly proved tons of furniture and decorative pieces to create your own layout and style within the building. From sinks that mirror each other for ease of placement, to lockers to even a massage chair to help get those remaining knots in your back that the hot springs might not have gotten out.

To start, the main entry is quite spacious and comes with duel doors opening to the backside of the welcoming counter. One either side of said counter, there are two doors. Both open up into their own respective locker rooms where patrons can change into their bath towels before entering the shower room.

The shower room is meant to do as one might imagine, shower yourself off. Cleaning one’s self before leaving the shower is highly encouraged as the hot springs’ main usage is for comfort and relaxation. Not to clean and wash up in; as doing so would be bad manners. With the additions to the outdoor hot springs, like a fountain pouring water into the bath or the mist rising up. All of those elements add to the fun of what this whole package has in store for you.

I hope you guys enjoy this little series I’m doing. Like I said earlier, there is so much to show off and display from this Public Bathhouse, that I really wanted to let each room and the building itself shine. And thank you to Mauro, for allowing me to steal several hours of his free time to pose and be in the series with me. 😛

building & decorations | Public Bathhouse set by taikou (mainstore)

Jinsei no hito koma

Jinsei no hito koma

I usually just post the credits for a post I do on here. Today though, I wanted to switch it up since this post is incredible special to me! First off, this entire building and the decorations inside are from kotte at The Arcada Gacha Event. I’m going to link her Flickr Post as well; so you can see all that Angelica did to make this gacha set a reality.

Secondly, I was able to trick two amazing people in my life to be in a photo with me. Not just trick, but sit down long enough for me to take a couple of photos inside this amazing building. Thank you so much to Sung and Mauro for having the patients to be there for me and put up with my indecisive arse while shooting these. It means alot that guys were apart of this really fun shoot!

Lastly, with the idea that this entire set is inspired by Manga Cafes, I wanted to try my hand at creating manga panels. For my first time, I think I did pretty well. I was even able to use a joke that just happened naturally between us while setting up for these photos.

decorations & building | Manga Café by kotte (The Arcade Gacha Event)

The Forest Comes Alive

The Forest Comes Alive

hair | U105 by Dura
outfit | Matoi Ayakashi by Gild (Kagami 2021)
shoes | Ichiko Geta by Gild (Kagami 2021)
spirits | Water Drop Spirit by ATTIC
fish | Koi by JIAN
lantern | Yukimi-doro by Yasyn (Kagami 2021)
produce | Fresh Watermelon bucket by taikou
bridge | Old Wood Bridge by Yasyn (Kagami 2021)