And When The Wind Blew

And When The Wind Blew

hair | Rogue Hair by aii
dress | Fengyue by CerberusXing (Kustom9)
trees | Bamboo by Little Branch
light | Sunbeam/flared by anc Ltd.
flowers | In Peace Lily by anc Ltd. (TMD)
grass | Grass firled by we’re CLOSED


We Mourn

We Mourn

dragon | Dragon Familiar by CURELESS
hair 1 | Sharp by epoque
hair 2 | CPS914 by booN
dress + headpiece | Tang Yun Princess Dress by Zenith (We ❤ Roleplay)
lantern | Chinese Lantern by CerberusXing (New Release)
building | Resting Shade by 8f8
shrine | Small Shrines by JOMO
railing | Stone Rope Railing by JOMO
rocks | Stone & Stone Heap by JOMO
trees | Blooming Tree by Little Branch (Liaison Collaborative Event)
trees | Japanese Katsura by Little Branch (The Men’s Dept)
grass | Wildgrass by Little Branch
leaves | Falling Leaves by anc Ltd