We Can See You

I Can See You

hat | Senshi of the End by CURELESS&DISORDERLY
hair | Lust by Lamb
eyepatch | Bloddy Cyclops by CerberusXing (Panic of the Pumpkin)
makeup Bloody Mouth by Genesis Lab
shoulder pads | Phelps Shoulder Pads by Jeune
bodysuit | Lea Body by OVH
claws | Salient Talons by CerberusXing (Project Se7en)
hand makeup | Run Down Bloody Hands by clemmm


Sailor Scouts Go!!

Sailor Scouts GO!!

hair | Love by Lamb
outfit | Eternal Senshi by CURELESS (The Crystal Hearts Festival)
wand | Crystal Life by Wednesday (The Crystal Hearts Festival)
shoes | Swan Heels by Phedora

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