. the farmers market .

. the farmers market .

debee’s beekeeping set by kalopsia (farmers market)
sweetheart watermelon set by cat-noodle (farmers market)
patio strawberry garden set by simply shelby (farmers market)
farmers seats by serenity style (farmers market)
beets and tomatoes by kraftwork (farmers market)
chicken egg holder & farmers market bucket by broken arrows (farmers market)
la petite joie cafe / tea tins by 8f8
cash register by gcd
dinner bell by hive
broken farmer’s market sign by hive
autumn preserves by apple fall
butter churn by hive
brunch / brioche loaf by dust bunny
new beginnings / hen set by 8f8
new beginnings / chicken by 8f8
the old barn by hive

Whose HP?

Whose HP?

hair | B68 by Dura
glasses | Forever Young Glasses by MUDSKIN
sweater | Tilden Sweater by Sleepy Eddy (TMD)
pants | Westov Jeans by VERSOV (TMD)
shoes | Sobek Sneakers by Native Urban (TMD)

jellybeans | Study Break / Jelly Beans by Random Matter (World of Magic)
chocolates | Study Break / Praline Polliwog by Random Matter (World of Magic)
map | The Mischief Map by Insomnia Angel (World of Magic)
sweets | Study Break – Detonating Delights by Random Matter (World of Magic)
luggage | Wizard Luggage by KraftWork (World of Magic)
briefcase | Open Wizard Luggage by KraftWork (World of Magic)
books | Wizard Books by KraftWork (World of Magic)
scroll | Magic World Scroll by Raindale (World of Magic)
set | The Wizard Express by KraftWork (World of Magic)

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