The Forest Comes Alive

The Forest Comes Alive

hair | U105 by Dura
outfit | Matoi Ayakashi by Gild (Kagami 2021)
shoes | Ichiko Geta by Gild (Kagami 2021)
spirits | Water Drop Spirit by ATTIC
fish | Koi by JIAN
lantern | Yukimi-doro by Yasyn (Kagami 2021)
produce | Fresh Watermelon bucket by taikou
bridge | Old Wood Bridge by Yasyn (Kagami 2021)

The Mourning After

The Mourning After

headpiece | Winter Camellia by NAMINOKE
horns | Kistune no Kanzashi by NAMINOKE
hair | Ahri2 by monso
outfit | Kuromuku by ridi-ludi-fool x NAMINOKE (Kagami 2021)
fan | Tsunami Zaiku Bouquet by NAMINOKE (Kagami 2021)
backpiece | Decorative Obi by NAMINOKE
socks | Tabi Thighsocks by .shi
shoes | Her by .shi

location | tonarino

The Fulmination Is Never Quiet

The Fulmination Is Never Quiet

KAGAMI is a Japanese horror event, whose first round was held in 2014 Summer. This round is a sequel of the previous game, “The Godless Night”. Whether or not you played it last time, we will work on this round enthusiastically in order to deliver the best experience in SL to you all. We hope you don’t miss it!

The Mall Opens February 19th
The Game Begins February 27th

hair | B92 by Dura
fx makeup | Ghoul Veins by HISS
mask | Mempo Mask by taikou (Kagami 2021)
halo | Shinyakuraiko Drum by LANEVO (Kagami 2021)
top | Isolate Top by toksik
lantern | “Sealed” Moth Lantern by taikou
nails | Mesh Bento Nails by 129129 (Kagami 2021)

The Unknown

The Unknown

hair | Sharp by EPOQUE
hair | HUH031 by booN
hair accessory | Hinotori Hanzashi by CerberusXing (Japonica)
make up | Royal Makeup by CURELESS
halo | Inori by Maru Kado (Kagami)
halo | Chouchin by Maru Hado (Kagami)
jacket | Hoodie Haori by tomoto (Kagami)
kimono | Hino Kimono by konpeitou
wall | Block Wall and Gatepost by anhelo (Kagami)