. captured .

. captured .

hair | b104 by dura
fx makeup | claw wounds by izzie’s
fx nose makeup | nosebleed by clemmm
fx hand makeup | run down bloody hands by clemmm
top | loner shirt by toksik
pants | crotch trouser by gild
hooded figures | forest mischief by maru kado
set | post mortem backdrop by varonis x cerberusxing (access)

003 . 半妖日記 : Simple and Clean

Before entering the Hot Springs, patrons of a Public Bathhouse are asked to clean themselves off. As I have mentioned a couple of posts back; institutions like this are meant more for relaxation then anything else. So, cleaning yourself before entering a shared spaced as intimated as a community bath, is greatly appreciated.

Here we have the pair in the middle of washing off in the shower room. As you can see, taikou has created rows of shower stands with stools along with two large steamy baths; if showering isn’t your thing. Shampoo and conditioner is also kindly provided incase you may have forgotten to bring your own.

Next comes my favorite locations, the outdoor Hot Springs!!

003 . 半妖日記 : Simple and Clean

showers | Bathhouse Shower Stand by taikou
seats | Bath Stool by taikou
bowls | Wooden Wash Bucket by taikou
shampoo | Shampoo & Conditioner Bottle by taikou
baths | Bathhouse Bath Tub by taikou

towels | Tommy Towel Essentials by NOCHE
water droplets | Wet Body & Face by Izzie’s

Chains That Bind Us

Chains That Bind Us

headpiece | Mad Malice / Plasma Bunny Ears by ANTINATURAL
hair | Reiko Hair by bonbon
eyes | Seeress Eyes by CURELESS
fx makeup + body | Claw Wounds by Izzie’s
fx nosebleed | Nosebleed by clemmm
fx body makeup | The Alchemical Transformation / Homunculus by antielle
bodysuit | Scar Tissue / Patient Cage by CUREMORE
arms | Nekhbet Mummy Arms by PSYCHO byts (Salem Event)
ankle | Fallen Filth Cuffs by CerberusXing
chains | Rusty Chains by CerberusXing
set | For A Good Time by CerberusXing (The Warehouse Sale)

Secrets Should Be Kept In The Dark

Secrets Should Be Kept In The Dark

headpieces | Sweetness Gacha / Grimade Headdress by Insomnia Angel (The Epiphany)
hair | Mavis Hair by bonbon
undereye makeup | Undereye Blush by Izzie’s
eye liner | Aura Eyeliner by TOP1SALON
tears | Dissolved Tears by antielle (now CURELESS)
fx makeup | Nosebleed by Clemmm
dress | Sweetness Gacha / Banoffee Dress by Insomnia Angel (The Epiphany)
tights | High Waist Fishnet Tights by MIWAS
garters | Sweetness Gacha / Royal Garter by Insomnia Angel (The Epiphany)
gloves | Sweetness Gacha / Cuffs by Insomnia Angel (The Epiphany)
nails | Conjuration Set by CerberusXing
fx makeup | Damaged Hands & Run Down Bloody Hands by Clemmm
tattoo | Cronopios Collection / Daigo by Bolson

Oh Goodie, Dessert

Oh Goodie, Dessert

hair | B96 by Dura
eyes | Ghoul Eyes by SOMNUS
facial fx makeup | Body Claw Wounds by Izzie’s
top | Aogiri Set / Aogiri Vest by TANAKA (The Arcade Gacha Event)
hand fx makeup | Run Down Bloody Hands & Sad Knuckles by Clemmm
pants | Aogiri Set / Aogiri Shorts by TANAKA (The Arcade Gacha Event)
weapon | Aogiri Set / Rinkaku by TANAKA (The Arcade Gacha Event)

Check out Sung’s Blog for her styling!

Stupid Love

Stupid Love

hair | Talia Mesh Hair by Wasabi
forehead jewel | Moonlight Jewels by CURELESS
forehead facepiece | Colorful Eyeliner by Glam Affair (repurposed to be facepiece, photoshopped)
eye makeup | Magnolia Eyeshadows by keikumu
lipstick | Holo Metallic Lipstick by Izzie’s
choker | XenoCircuit by CerberusXing
top | Jezebel Top by CURELESS
belt #1 | Nitar Spiked Choker by BOYS TO THE BONE (repurposed to be a belt)
belt #2 | Chained Heart Belt by Diamante
shorts | Lust / Panty&Stockings by Moon Amore
boots | Rocket Boots B by MIWAS

Speak Of The Devil

Speak Of The Devil

hair | Seelie and Unsellie by Tableau Vivant
bang | Gavri’ela by .Shi
eyes | Seeress Eyes by CURELESS (CUREMORE PoisonMe Halloween Hunt)
eyeshadow | Inmate Eyebags by ANTINATURAL
collar | XenoCircuit by CerberusXing (Dark Style Fair)
bodysuit | HellSpawn Bodysuit by Moon Amore (CUREMORE PoisonMe Halloween Hunt)
body scars | Claw Wounds by Izzie’s (The Salem Event)
nails | Broken Claws by CerberusXing
set | Sempiternal by anxiety
seat | The Father’s Chair by SEMPITERNAL (CUREMORE PoisonMe Halloween Hunt)