. favorite boy .

. favorite boy .

hair | na02 by dura (the mens dept)
skin | mino by avarosa (harajuku)
head | jon by lelutka (inithium event)
earring | jk erring by quixe (kpop united)
outfit | shine idol shirt set by gild (kpop united)
background | k-pop military speakers by dahlia (kpop united)

. seeing into the future .

. seeing into the future .

hair | angel hairstyle by doux
skin | ren by avarosa (harajuku event)
head | eon by lelutka
eyes | alondra eyes by avarosa
facial features | proof 2.0 by sole (the warehouse sale)
cowl #1 | ak-pack by sole
cowl #2 | trans ring by sole
body features | std-p system by sole
suit | deathracer / secondskin suit by antinatural

Sakura Kitsune

Sakura Kitsune

hair | Heidi Hair by bonbon (formally NANI)
hairpiece | Shamisen Hairpins by CeberusXing & TeaBunny
ears | Nekomata by egosumaii
eyebrows | Fantas Brows Pack III by aii
eyes | Mystical Collection by Gloom (Harajuku)
eye makeup | Kitsune Marks by Rosier
familiar | Yokai Chronicals / Zenko Kitsune by CURELESS
dress | Propitious Qipao Dress by toksik (Kustom9)
tail | Shiro-hatibi by Insomnia Angel / konpeitou (formally siratama)