Baked Goods

Baked Goods

hair | B89 by Dura (TMD)
bindi | Moonlight Jewels by CURELESS
eyes | Lethe Eyes by CURELESS (Group Gift)
accessories | Starry Girl Face Stickers by Half-Deer
choker | Lust Chocker by Mossu
jacket | Nalle Jacket by BOYS TO THE BONE (Kustom9)
top | Grunge Crop by BOYS TO THE BONE
pants | Huvud Jeans by BOYS TO THE BONE

sim | Tokyo Street Sim

Whatcha Looking At?

Whatcha Looking At?

hair | U85 by Dura
horns | Demon Horns by WitchCraft
eyes | Real Eyes by ANATOMY
FX makeup | Nosebleed by Clemmm
nails | Creature Claws by CerberusXing (New Release)
uniform | Midsummers Memories by AMITOMO:HAIKEI
creatures | Yokai Tsukumogami Set by ATTIC
desk+chairs | Classic School Set by Half-Deer
curtains | School Curtains by AMITOMO
set | Classroom Skybox by HAIKEI

I Won’t Forget About You

I Won't Forget About You


hair | Anime 01 by DURA
uniform | Midsummer Memories by AMITOMO
shoes | NICEOV by VERSOV
backpack | School Look by M.BIRDIE

building | School Gacha / Classroom Skybox by HAIKEI
hallway lockers one | Otaku Nerd Locker by Ariskea (The Clique)
hallway lockers two | Lockers by Wednesday (The Clique)
classroom locker | School Locker by AMITOMO
board | School Boards by AMITOMO
desks | Classic School Desk by Half-Deer (The Clique)
desk supplies | Notes by Wednesday (The Clique)

243. | Japanese Bazaar

Japanese Bazaar | 一

Japanese Bazaar | 二

Japanese Bazaar | 三

243. | Japanese Bazaar

hair | Kiara by little bones
hairbow | Akiba Cafe by CURELESS&DISORDERLY (Bon Voyage)
mask | Medic Mask by tsg (Bon Voyage)
tee | Karajuku tee by BOYS TO THE BONE (Bon Voyage)
tights | ombre tights by Izzie’s
nails | Oriental Light by alme (Designer’s Circle)
shoes | Spice Platform Sneakers by LC
vendors | Japanese Food by [K]oi (Manga Fair)
tokoyaki | Takoyaki Stall by C L A Vv (Bon Voyage)
cat | Maneki-Neko by Half Deer (Bon Voyage)