. tae.

. tae .

Heyo People!
Been a hot minute since I wrote something to go along with my blog posts. I thought it would be appropriate to do so with this post in particular! So, if you haven’t heard yet,
LeLutka has released two new heads – Ubon and Tae. Ubon is a more feminine head and Tae is a more masculine head.

Now, for the next 24 hours (until Feb 16th, 2023) those two heads will be on sale for 25% off!! So if you have been mulling over possibly getting a new head. This might be a great chance to delve into either, or both, of these heads.

What makes Tae a bit special, aside from sharing a nickname with me :P. Tae comes with an additional ear choice, Fox Ears!! I have been waiting for these to come out since they did something similar awhile back with the Gaia head. Just like Gaia, Tae has several ear textures to mix and match with all different hair colors and styles.

So if you have some interested and want to check stuff out, definitely go soon!

Taylor Wassep

hair | na01 by dura
head | tae by lelutka (new release)
fx markings | yokai markings by yrgld
necklace | pearsl xs necklace by dae
fur | the twelfth night / alpine fur by cureless
top | lance shirt by asteroidbox
nails | vampire claws by l’emporio & pl

. happy lunar new year .

. happy lunar new year .

hat | chinese rabbit hat by kotte (group gift)
hair | christmas group gift – 2022 by dura
cardigan | basic cardigan by class.b

table | kotatsu by shifuku
food | random matter, kotte, disturbed & bbqq
heater | oil stove by maru kado
lanterns | red lantern by bada & yuna xiao by kotte
garden | xin nian by kotte
display | japanese hina dolls by kopi (japonica)

. meditative state of mind .

. meditative state of mind .

So many wonderful designers comprised the overall look of this blogpost. Ananas‘ “Anywhere Meditate” pillow was what I built the entire concept around. Since you only need to attach the pillow and mediate. It created this really cool ‘mystical’ vibe that I wanted to pair with this newly released outfit by toksik.

Wanting to add more details, I added this newly released “Keys of the Nine” by CerberusXing to add some ornate touches like the necklace was handcrafted or something. This is why I also paired the “Arbutin Face Gloss” by keikumu with this look – in hopes that it gave similar vibes of handcrafted and mysticism.

From there, the balance felt off to be, so I wanted to add something behind my avatar. This is where Lanevo’s “Kosuifuutai” was used to bulk up the back. Growing up in the 90’s/00’s, Yugioh was obviously apart of my childhood. And this back piece reminded me of a certain trio of card you could play to special summon a creature called, “Gate Guardian”. I also wanted to give a nod by using its red, green and blue color scheme in the outfit.

hair #1 | b105 by dura
hair #2 | u118 by dura
earrings | purgatory earring by dae
outfit | valiance by tokisk (the warehouse sale)
facial makeup | arbutin face gloss by keikumu (anthem)
necklace #1 | nook necklace by tokisk (group gift)
neckalce #2 | keys of the nine by cerberusxing (the mens dept)
backpiece | kosuifuutai windbag by lanevo
pillow | anywhere meditate by ananas (access)