Pastel Dreams

Pastel Dreams

hair bow | Akiba Cafe / Oversized Maid Bow by CURELESS&DISORDERLY
hair | Sasha by BOYS TO THE BONE
tattoo | Crystal Tattoo by DAPPA
bra | Scarlett / Lingerie by erratic
panties | Luscious Darling by CURELESS
kimono | Hentai Kimono / Kaori by Insomnia Angel (Hentai Fair)
umbrella | Wagasa Umbrella by Ariskea

We Can See You

I Can See You

hat | Senshi of the End by CURELESS&DISORDERLY
hair | Lust by Lamb
eyepatch | Bloddy Cyclops by CerberusXing (Panic of the Pumpkin)
makeup Bloody Mouth by Genesis Lab
shoulder pads | Phelps Shoulder Pads by Jeune
bodysuit | Lea Body by OVH
claws | Salient Talons by CerberusXing (Project Se7en)
hand makeup | Run Down Bloody Hands by clemmm

In The Midst of Battle

In The Midst of Battle

hair | F728 by tram
jewlery | Moonlight Jewels by CURELESS
tattoo | Magnolia Tournmaline by CURELESS
outfit | Shrine Maiden by CURELESS (The Epiphany)
animal | Zenko Kitsune by CURELESS (The Epiphany)
weapon | The Soukeeper by CURELESS&DISORDERLY
stockings | Baroque Corset Stockings by CURELESS
shoes | Fujin Geta by CURELESS (The Epiphany)

Let Them Eat Cake

Let Them Eat Cake

hair | Ami by DUE (Bloom)
dress | Les Rosees Dress by CUREMORE (Bloom)
shoes | Flutter heels by ISON

hair | Jisu by monso
top | Les Rosee Top by CUREMORE (Bloom)
dress | Les Rosees Dress by CUREMORE (Bloom)
straps | Essie Leg Straps by Phedora

housing | Tabby’s Terrance by Hive (Luxe Box – April)
desserts | Petit Blooms by CURELESS&DISORDERLY (Bloom)
table | Wood Table with tabelcloth by Dust Bunny
umbrella | Hatsuyume by anc Ltd.
cage | Cage Decor by anc Ltd.
hedge | Juniper Hedge by Apple Fall
grass | Dotty Wild Grass by anc Ltd.
sunshine | Sunbeam by anc Ltd. (Bloom)

I’m Late

I'm Late

hair | Polilla by TRUTH
eyes | Cat Eyes Syndrome by CURELESS (Group Gift)
dress | Curious Alice by CURESLESS (The Arcade Gacha Event)
tights | Baroque Corset Stockings by antielle (Discontinued)
clock | Old Clock by Ariskea
flowers | Secret Garden by anc Ltd
building | Gazebo by Death Row Designs