Punk Girl

Punk Girl

hair | Mohawk by CUREMORE (REWIND)
hairbase | Shaved Hairbase by Kokolores
ears | Ears by AITUI
outfit | Misfit’s Attire by CUREMORE (REWIND)
stockings | Ripped Stockings by CUREMORE (REWIND)
boots | Workboots by CUREMORE (REWIND)
signs | Anarchy Neon by CUREMORE (REWIND)
dolls | Punk Rat Guy & Girl by CUREMORE (REWIND)
case one | Guitar Gun Case by C L A Vv
case two | Shoegazer Guitar by C L A Vv
pose | Mosh Pit by FAKEICON

The Last One Standing

The Last One Standing

hair | Hello by little bones
ears | Kitsune Ears by aii
brows | Fantasy Brows by aii
eyes | Cat Eye Syndrome by CURELESS
weapon | Natsumi Look by Hazy (Okinawa Summer Festival)
dress | Dragon Set by Pixicat (The Epiphany)
stockings | Nekotabi Stockings by CURELESS (Lootbox)
shoes | Kitty Geta by CURELESS (Lootbox)

When I’m Cut, I Do Bleed

When I'm Cut, I Do Bleed

hair | Seelie&Unseelie by Tableau Vivant
face tattoo | Scar Tissue / Wide-eyed by CUREMORE (New Release)
eyes | Terrible Creature by Genesis Lab
body tattoo 1 | Seelie&Unseelie Body Tattoo by Glam Affair & Tableau Vivant
body tattoo 2 | Scar Tissue / Big Cat Scratch by CUREMORE (New Release)
dress | Scar Tissue / Patient Cage by CUREMORE (New Release)
hands | Demon Hands by Death Row Designs

Getting High Off Him

Getting High Off Him

hair | Cosmos by INK
kimono | Kimono Neck Warmer by .Shi
bra | Wrap Bustier by .Shi
pants | Harem Pants by CerberusXing
seats | Chen Tou by CerberusXing (The Season Story)
pipes | Dragon Yan Qiang by CerberusXing (The Season Story)
lights | Yan Deng by CerberusXing (The Season Story)
tray | Yan Pan by by CerberusXing (The Season Story)
table | Opium Table by CerberusXing (The Season Story)
bed | Opium Bed by CerberusXing (The Season Story)
lover | Skeletal System by CURELESS