hair | Hug by BURLEY
suit | Stamen Suit by Ghoul 喰種 – グール (MANCAVE)

hair | U93 by DURA
ears | Pixie EArs by Swallow
earrings | Clasp Earrings by FAKEICON
mask | S-21 Helmet by ContraptioN
collar | Lightbrender Boa by ContraptioN
arm hand | Spiked Fury by CerberusXing
hands | SK3LET0 Series / Prosthetic Arm by ContraptioN
suit | Stamen Suit by Ghoul 喰種 – グール (MANCAVE)

arms | Synthetic Angels / Gevurah Hands by CURELESS

The Restricted Section Is Over There

The Restricted Section Is Over There

hair | Queenie Mesh Hair by Wasabi (World of Magic)
uniform | Wizard Apprentice Outfit by CURELESS (World of Magic)
wand | Magic Wand Collection / Queenie Wand by Ghoul (World of Magic)
stocking + shoes | Muggle Platform Wedges & Stockings by Love (World of Magic)

desk | Hermione’s Desk by Merak (World of Magic)
chair | Hermione’s Chair by Merak (World of Magic)
book 1 | Book Magic / Not So Magical Potions by DISORDERLY (World of Magic)
book 2 | Book Magic / Not So Magical Suitcase by DISORDERLY (World of Magic)
book 3 | Book Magic / Not So Magical Birdcage by DISORDERLY (World of Magic)
magnifying glasses | Eccentric’s Curios / Reflector A, B & C by ContraptioN (World of Magic)
footstool | Streetside Stepladder by Naberius
building | Streetside Bookshop by Naberius

If Paper Could Talk…

If Paper Could Talk...

hair | U88 by Dura (The Mens Dept)
suit | Baxter suit by Hotdog (The Mens Dept)

building | Streetside Bookshop by Naberius (6 Republic)
shelves | Streetside Bookshelves by Naberius (6 Republic)
books | Streetside BookPile A,B,C,D & E by Naberius (6 Republic)
chairs | Study Chair by Naberius (6 Republic)
desk | Streetside Front Desk by Naberius (6 Republic)
desk | Study Desk by Naberius (6 Republic)
ladder | Streetside Stepladder by Naberius (6 Republic)
music stand | Quartetu’matic / La Danse des Carthouches by ContraptioN
music box | Gramophne / Portabox by ContraptioN
light | Yan Deng by CerberusXing
pan | Yan Pan by CerberusXing
suitcase | Hunter’s Suitcase by C L A Vv
rug | Classic Rug by HAIKEI
dust | stardustrain by anc Ltd.



hair | Anime 01 by DURA
eyes | Sororis Obscura by CURELESS
facial scratch | Aniki Healed by CUREMORE
facial scratch | Across Healed by CUREMORE
body scratch | Big Cat Scratch by CUREMORE
collar | Hesed Neck Warmer by .shi
left arm | SK3LET0 Prosthetic Arm by ContraptioN
right arm | Spiked Fury by CerberusXing
appendages | Sentinel Tentacles by CerberusXing
pant | Origin Pants by CerberusXing (TMD)
pose | Unsettled Poses by Hotdog
set | Subway Stairwell Backdrop by taikou (Kustom9)