. behind you .

. behind you .

hair | b92 by dura
skin | kiyoshi skin by avarosa (new mainstore release)
visor | glasses ego by sole (the warehouse sale)
fx nose makeup | nose blood by avarosa (new mainstore release)
jaw | facial fracture by contraption
jacket | liberation jacket by lanevo (the warehouse sale)
pants | cross strap boots & pants by gabriel
set | swer by paleto (the warehouse sale)

. in the future .

. in the future .

I really wanted to go balls to the wall, all the way, doing a full 360 kickflip, olly off the halfpipe, loop-de-loop and pull with this photo. 100% because a really amazing friend has finally released her first mesh creations in SL. Pizza-Cat is this brand spankin’ new brand from the amazingly creative mind behind The Apartments, Outpost Station 12 and (RIP) Tokyo Street.

If you have ever had the pleasure of experiencing any of her sims that she’s crafted, you can notice a theme of this grungy aesthetic with elements of high fantasy and cultural representation. And I think that is what her aim for pizza-cat is, to have those similar elements.

So I took this adorable wind-up chicken and bunny and run with this idea of like an average, normal, everyday anime protagonist… LOL, living in this space station with environmental aspects to it. Noted in the waterfall and running water inside this cabin in the space. Mixed in with messy technology around the place and a dust of grungy to match the feel of those two wind-up toys.

I love you Paradox and I know everyone will thoroughly enjoy this new venture you’re taking up when you’re not being a genius with sim decorating. Speaking of which, if you would like to get both of these little toys, they will be apart of the Cravone Easter Hop n’ Shop Event.

wind up toys | Cluck & Bunneh by pizza-cat (Easter Hop n’ Shop)
wooden seat | low wooden table by taikou
rug | Classic Rug by HAIKEI
mini fridge | Neo Small Fridge by ATTIC
ramen | Neo Cup of Ramen by ATTIC
vending machine | vending machine by taikou
computer screens | Basement Dweller’s Station by ContraptioN
soaps | body soap & shampoo by taikou
towels | folded bath towel by taikou
bowl | wooden wash bucket by taikou
pillows | Japanese pillow by anc
skybox | Touza’s Skybox by Odachi

We Are All Born Alone

We Are All Born Alone

hair | B103 by Dura (TMD)
fx scars | Tokio Scars by Harakiri
collar | STD-P Collar by SOLE
jacket | Xing Coat by Hotdog & ContraptioN
pants | Cross Strap Boots & Pants by Gabriel
weapon | Reforged Reaper by CerberusXing
setting | Lovesick Backdrop by taikou (K9)

Neo Knight of the Zodiac

Neo Knight of the Zodiac

headpiece | Persephonix Horns by PSYCHO Byts
hair | U85 by Dura
face piece | Facial Fracture by ContraptioN (NEO Japan)
weapon | Helion Blade by The Forge
choker | STD-P Choker by SOLE (NEO Japan)
shoulder piece | STD-P AP Tech by SOLE (NEO Japan)
arms | Neo Arms Freezed by REKT (NEO Japan)
belt | STD-P Ribs Belt by SOLE (NEO Japan)
legs | FL-33T Runner Prosthetic Legs by ContraptioN (NEO Japan)



hair | Hug by BURLEY
suit | Stamen Suit by Ghoul 喰種 – グール (MANCAVE)

hair | U93 by DURA
ears | Pixie EArs by Swallow
earrings | Clasp Earrings by FAKEICON
mask | S-21 Helmet by ContraptioN
collar | Lightbrender Boa by ContraptioN
arm hand | Spiked Fury by CerberusXing
hands | SK3LET0 Series / Prosthetic Arm by ContraptioN
suit | Stamen Suit by Ghoul 喰種 – グール (MANCAVE)

arms | Synthetic Angels / Gevurah Hands by CURELESS

The Restricted Section Is Over There

The Restricted Section Is Over There

hair | Queenie Mesh Hair by Wasabi (World of Magic)
uniform | Wizard Apprentice Outfit by CURELESS (World of Magic)
wand | Magic Wand Collection / Queenie Wand by Ghoul (World of Magic)
stocking + shoes | Muggle Platform Wedges & Stockings by Love (World of Magic)

desk | Hermione’s Desk by Merak (World of Magic)
chair | Hermione’s Chair by Merak (World of Magic)
book 1 | Book Magic / Not So Magical Potions by DISORDERLY (World of Magic)
book 2 | Book Magic / Not So Magical Suitcase by DISORDERLY (World of Magic)
book 3 | Book Magic / Not So Magical Birdcage by DISORDERLY (World of Magic)
magnifying glasses | Eccentric’s Curios / Reflector A, B & C by ContraptioN (World of Magic)
footstool | Streetside Stepladder by Naberius
building | Streetside Bookshop by Naberius