Punk Girl

Punk Girl

hair | Mohawk by CUREMORE (REWIND)
hairbase | Shaved Hairbase by Kokolores
ears | Ears by AITUI
outfit | Misfit’s Attire by CUREMORE (REWIND)
stockings | Ripped Stockings by CUREMORE (REWIND)
boots | Workboots by CUREMORE (REWIND)
signs | Anarchy Neon by CUREMORE (REWIND)
dolls | Punk Rat Guy & Girl by CUREMORE (REWIND)
case one | Guitar Gun Case by C L A Vv
case two | Shoegazer Guitar by C L A Vv
pose | Mosh Pit by FAKEICON


248. | In The Field of Red

248. | In The Field of Red

hair | Beck by Tableau Vivant
headpiece | Thorn Crown by C L A Vv (11:11)
horn | Unicorn Horn by C L A Vv (11:11)
mask | Rioter Mask by CUREMORE (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
shawl | Hagoromo Butterfly by aii
claws | Broken Claws by CerberusXing
outfit | Sukeban by CUREMORE (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
tail | Kusarigama Tail by CerberusXing
set | Feudal Fantasy “Attai The Storm”

243. | Japanese Bazaar

Japanese Bazaar | 一

Japanese Bazaar | 二

Japanese Bazaar | 三

243. | Japanese Bazaar

hair | Kiara by little bones
hairbow | Akiba Cafe by CURELESS&DISORDERLY (Bon Voyage)
mask | Medic Mask by tsg (Bon Voyage)
tee | Karajuku tee by BOYS TO THE BONE (Bon Voyage)
tights | ombre tights by Izzie’s
nails | Oriental Light by alme (Designer’s Circle)
shoes | Spice Platform Sneakers by LC
vendors | Japanese Food by [K]oi (Manga Fair)
tokoyaki | Takoyaki Stall by C L A Vv (Bon Voyage)
cat | Maneki-Neko by Half Deer (Bon Voyage)