Needing What We Don’t Know We Needed

Needing What We Don't Know We Needed

hair | Mavis Hair by bonbon
horns | La Diabla by VELOUR (Black Fair)
skin | La Diabla by VELOUR (Black Fair)
eyes | Sinister Eyes by Avi-Glam
ears | Withered Bezerker Ears by CerberusXing
outfit | Liah Outfit by MIWAS
strap | Mimi Leg Strap by MIWAS
weapon | Specter Orb Censer by AII
ghoul | Yokai Chronicles / Gashadokuro bye CURELESS

Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!

Hello Kitty celebrates her 45th anniversary with a huge two-region experience in the Internet’s largest virtual world Second Life.

Developed by Astralia, this official Sanrio event will feature free gifts, live music, an Hello Kitty themed amusement park and an interactive immersive game, where players will have fun with their friends in the community.

Like every birthday party, Astralia and Hello Kitty will have a special guest! Shop the “JimmyPaul x Hello Kitty by Difuzed” virtual collection, created by Astralia in Second Life and available at the shopping area, together with the official Astralia x Sanrio merchandising.

Shop now at Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary by Astralia Theme Park
Discover more at Astralia World and JimmyPaul x Hello Kitty

#Astralia #Secondlife #Hellokitty45 #lovejimmypaul

hair | Inna by little bones
bandage | band aids by bonbon
top + handbag | JimmyPaul powered by Difuzed Collection by Astralia
jeans | Lux Box September by Blueberry
location | Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary by Astralia Theme Park

just another day

just another day

hair | Autumn hair by Raven Bell ( The Season’s Story)
horns | Kaori Hair by bonbon
eyes | Yako by gloom
lips | Glampire Lips by S0NG
dress | Twig Dress by BOYS TO THE BONE (The Summoning Event)
bag | Plastic Bag by ATTIC

set | Subway Backdrop by taikou (Kustom9)
yokai | Yokai Tsukumogami by ATTIC, KICO Figures by Maru Kado,
Sakura Gacha by Maru Kado and MATSURI CAT set by Maru Kado

demons walk amongst us

demons walk amongst us

hair | aussie hair by bonbon
horns | Kijo Horns by Ghoul (Fantasy Faire)
eyes | Temptation Eyes by Avi-Glam
makeup | Sophie by The White Crow
necklace | Enochian Succuba by CerberusXing (The Epiphany)
top | Enochian Succuba by CerberusXing (The Epiphany)
skit | Enochian Succuba by CerberusXing (The Epiphany)
arms | Hannya Demon Arms by Ghoul (Fantasy Faire)
boots | Enochian Succuba by CerberusXing (The Epiphany)
set | Crucifix Corridor by CerberusXing

Champagne Taste On A Guinness Budget

Champagne Taste On A Guinness Budget

hair | Aussie Hair by bonbon
eye makeup | Deja Vu Eyeshadow by Moccino Beaute
lingerie | Vivianne Lingerie by Moon Amore (Belle)
pose | Pearls by Amitie (A+ Event)
set | Me Time by Foxcity

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