Pastel Dreams

Pastel Dreams

hair bow | Akiba Cafe / Oversized Maid Bow by CURELESS&DISORDERLY
hair | Sasha by BOYS TO THE BONE
tattoo | Crystal Tattoo by DAPPA
bra | Scarlett / Lingerie by erratic
panties | Luscious Darling by CURELESS
kimono | Hentai Kimono / Kaori by Insomnia Angel (Hentai Fair)
umbrella | Wagasa Umbrella by Ariskea

I Won’t Forget About You

I Won't Forget About You


hair | Anime 01 by DURA
uniform | Midsummer Memories by AMITOMO
shoes | NICEOV by VERSOV
backpack | School Look by M.BIRDIE

building | School Gacha / Classroom Skybox by HAIKEI
hallway lockers one | Otaku Nerd Locker by Ariskea (The Clique)
hallway lockers two | Lockers by Wednesday (The Clique)
classroom locker | School Locker by AMITOMO
board | School Boards by AMITOMO
desks | Classic School Desk by Half-Deer (The Clique)
desk supplies | Notes by Wednesday (The Clique)

I’m Late

I'm Late

hair | Polilla by TRUTH
eyes | Cat Eyes Syndrome by CURELESS (Group Gift)
dress | Curious Alice by CURESLESS (The Arcade Gacha Event)
tights | Baroque Corset Stockings by antielle (Discontinued)
clock | Old Clock by Ariskea
flowers | Secret Garden by anc Ltd
building | Gazebo by Death Row Designs