. get your fresh produce here

. get your fresh produce here .

outfit | it’s corn by ananas

L to R
burgundy farm crate cedar by atelier burgundy
pumpkin basket by your dream
market stall by junk food
iced tea set by apple fall
pumpkin farm / pumpkin basket by broken arrow
pumpkin farm / vase dry leaves by broken arrow
daisy macaron by kotte
pile of pies tray by bee’s that way
farmers milk cart by serenity style

. the farmers market .

. the farmers market .

debee’s beekeeping set by kalopsia (farmers market)
sweetheart watermelon set by cat-noodle (farmers market)
patio strawberry garden set by simply shelby (farmers market)
farmers seats by serenity style (farmers market)
beets and tomatoes by kraftwork (farmers market)
chicken egg holder & farmers market bucket by broken arrows (farmers market)
la petite joie cafe / tea tins by 8f8
cash register by gcd
dinner bell by hive
broken farmer’s market sign by hive
autumn preserves by apple fall
butter churn by hive
brunch / brioche loaf by dust bunny
new beginnings / hen set by 8f8
new beginnings / chicken by 8f8
the old barn by hive

Let Them Eat Cake

Let Them Eat Cake

hair | Ami by DUE (Bloom)
dress | Les Rosees Dress by CUREMORE (Bloom)
shoes | Flutter heels by ISON

hair | Jisu by monso
top | Les Rosee Top by CUREMORE (Bloom)
dress | Les Rosees Dress by CUREMORE (Bloom)
straps | Essie Leg Straps by Phedora

housing | Tabby’s Terrance by Hive (Luxe Box – April)
desserts | Petit Blooms by CURELESS&DISORDERLY (Bloom)
table | Wood Table with tabelcloth by Dust Bunny
umbrella | Hatsuyume by anc Ltd.
cage | Cage Decor by anc Ltd.
hedge | Juniper Hedge by Apple Fall
grass | Dotty Wild Grass by anc Ltd.
sunshine | Sunbeam by anc Ltd. (Bloom)

238. | Into The Woods Again

238. | Into the Woods Again

antlers | Long Antlers by ATTIC (kustom9)
hair | Mars by little bones (Crystal Heart Festival)
dress | Summer Breeze by Whitesong (Ferosh Fashion Weekend)
hedge | Juniper Hedge by Apple Fall (The Crossroads)
beads | Nebra Beads by anc
trees | Honey Mesquite by Little Branch (On9)

282. | Come Cuddle With Me

282. | Come Cuddle With Me

|| clothing + body ||
hair | Tableau Vivant – Mood [C88]
cardigan | Gizza Creations – Cardigan with T-shirt [ON9]
jeans | monso – My Ripped Jean

|| set ||
coffee table | Glam Affair – Coffee Table [C88]
decor | dust bunny – Twinkley twigs
couch | Glam Affair – Couch [C88]
rug | Fancy Decor – Retro Rug
chair | Apple Fall – Wheelback Chair
books | Apple Fall – Books
table | Glam Affair – Console [C88]
beverages | what next – Apple Cider Tray
lamp | Glam Affair – Lamp [C88]
clock | Glam Affair – Essential Clock [C88]
frame | Apple Fall – Gilt Frame

281. | In For The Night

281. | In For The Night

|| clothing + body ||
hair | Tableau Vivant – Kyou [We ❤ RP]
sweater | AMITOMO – Shirt Under Sweater [The Mens Dept]
pants | Pumpkin – Skintight Pants
shoes | David Heather – Deaux

|| set ||
couch | Glam Affair – Vintage Couch [Chapter Four]
table | Glam Affair – TV Table [Chapter Four]
vase #1 | Glam Affair – Vase with Plant [Chapter Four]
candle | dust bunny – melted candle
computer | Apple Fall – iFall Notebook
magazine | MudHoney – Magazine Pile
books | Zelest – Books
stump | Apple Fall – Natural Apples
pot | dust bunny – Potted Rowen Berries
side table | Glam Affair – Coffee Table [Chapter Four]
vase #2 | Glam Affair – Deco Vases [Chapter Four]