The Last One Standing

The Last One Standing

hair | Hello by little bones
ears | Kitsune Ears by aii
brows | Fantasy Brows by aii
eyes | Cat Eye Syndrome by CURELESS
weapon | Natsumi Look by Hazy (Okinawa Summer Festival)
dress | Dragon Set by Pixicat (The Epiphany)
stockings | Nekotabi Stockings by CURELESS (Lootbox)
shoes | Kitty Geta by CURELESS (Lootbox)

248. | In The Field of Red

248. | In The Field of Red

hair | Beck by Tableau Vivant
headpiece | Thorn Crown by C L A Vv (11:11)
horn | Unicorn Horn by C L A Vv (11:11)
mask | Rioter Mask by CUREMORE (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
shawl | Hagoromo Butterfly by aii
claws | Broken Claws by CerberusXing
outfit | Sukeban by CUREMORE (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
tail | Kusarigama Tail by CerberusXing
set | Feudal Fantasy “Attai The Storm”

239. | Spirit of the Fox

239. | Spirit of the Fox

headpiece | Kitsunetsuki by CURELESS&DISORDERLY (UBUMExORIGAMI)
hair | Lo by little bones
tattoo | Komainu Guardian by CURELESS&DISORDERLY (UBUMExORIGAMI)
shawl | Red Gami Shawl by Aii
top | Rounin Shrine Chest Wrap by Melon Bunny (UBUMExORIGAMI)
cuffs | Decaying Cuffs by CerberusXing (Epiphany)
nails | Broken Claws + Talons by CerberusXing (Epiphany)
bottoms | Rounin Shrine Hakama by Melon Bunny (UBUMExORIGAMI)

233. | Kitsune is Alive

233. | Kitsune is Alive

The Gami Gacha will be opening June 3, 2016.  What makes this event different from the rest is the implementation of tokens that you have the chance of earning when you play the gacha machines.

Those tokens can then be used at the Wheel of fortune, which is basically another gacha machine that is filled with rare – that are exclusive to that round of the event.  These rare gacha items will not be available after each round, so you better get them quick!

hair | Takeshi by Letituier
ears | Kitsune Ears by aii (Gami Gacha)
shawl | Gami Shawl by aii (Gami Gacha)
halo | Magatama Hal by aii (Gami Gacha)
talisman | Sacred Talismans by aii
kimono | Kimono en Latex by Sorbet (Gami Gacha)
tail | Magatama Foxfire Tail by aii (Gami Gacha)

299. | Dragoon Queen

299. | Dragoon Queen

hair | moon – Wright Birth
horns | aii – Ancient Dragon Horns (The Fantasy Gacha)
eyes | aii – Dragon eyes (The Fantasy Gacha)
eye make up | blackLiquid – Tribadelica
blush | blackLiquid – 1920s Brooks
ears | aii – Winged Ears
accessory | aii – Fire Aura (The Fantasy Gacha)
shawl | aii – Dragon Shawl (The Fantasy Gacha)
tattoo | antielle – Hyaku Monogatari
nails | CX – Stinger Claws
pipe | CX – Tassel Kiseru
tails | aii – Dragoness Tail (The Fantasy Gacha)