. crystalized armor .

. crystalized armor .

hair | u89 by dura
eyes | malik eyes by avarosa
eye makeup | starfall eyeshadow by top1salon (the crystal heart festival)
forehead accessories | cosmos accessory by kotte (the crystal heart festival)
collar | cosmos choker by kotte (the crystal heart festival)
tattoo | precious gems / pristess markings by cureless
armor | chrystalline armor by static (the crystal heart festival)
animals | magical butterflies by aii (the crystal heart festival)

Needing What We Don’t Know We Needed

Needing What We Don't Know We Needed

hair | Mavis Hair by bonbon
horns | La Diabla by VELOUR (Black Fair)
skin | La Diabla by VELOUR (Black Fair)
eyes | Sinister Eyes by Avi-Glam
ears | Withered Bezerker Ears by CerberusXing
outfit | Liah Outfit by MIWAS
strap | Mimi Leg Strap by MIWAS
weapon | Specter Orb Censer by AII
ghoul | Yokai Chronicles / Gashadokuro bye CURELESS

Sakura Kitsune

Sakura Kitsune

hair | Heidi Hair by bonbon (formally NANI)
hairpiece | Shamisen Hairpins by CeberusXing & TeaBunny
ears | Nekomata by egosumaii
eyebrows | Fantas Brows Pack III by aii
eyes | Mystical Collection by Gloom (Harajuku)
eye makeup | Kitsune Marks by Rosier
familiar | Yokai Chronicals / Zenko Kitsune by CURELESS
dress | Propitious Qipao Dress by toksik (Kustom9)
tail | Shiro-hatibi by Insomnia Angel / konpeitou (formally siratama)

I Spared Your Life On A Whim

I Spared Your Life On A Whim

Ghoul 喰種 – グール brings to the table once again a cosplay version of the popular anime, Naruto.  What makes this outfit, duel named Sexy Jutsu Cosplay, so unique would be the most seduction styling of jacket and pants created for Whore Couture event.  Showing some T&A never hurt anyone, though, if you’re cosplaying as someone from the Naruto universe – you might be the one getting hurt.

hair | F1124 by tram
weapon | Tora Shuriken by Lybra
outfit | Sexy Jutsu Cosplay by Ghoul 喰種 – グール (Whore Couture)
bra | Sultry Kunoichi by CerberusXing
footwear | Astral Divinity Basic Geta by Aii the Ugly & Beautiful

You Will Not Be Forgiven

You Will Not Be Forgiven

hairpiece | Saint Guard by Mossu (The Epiphany)
hors | Twisted Dragon Horns by Aii (Kurenai)
eye makeup | Inmate Eyebags by ANTINATURAL
lipstick | Dry Lips by ANTINATURAL
hands | Run Down Bloody Hands by clemmm
scratches | Big Cat Scratch by CUREMORE
outfit | Sister Lilith by CURELESS
tentacles | Profane Invocation by CURELESS
decor | Rusty Chains by CerberusXing (TMD)