just keep partyin’

just keep partyin'

hair | U89 by Dura
sunglasses | Disco Shades by Birth (FeverFete)
necklace | Music of the Heart II by EarthStones (FeverFete)
button up | Sol Tucked Shirt by BOYS TO THE BONE (Kustom9)
shorts | Sol Leather Shorts by BOYS TO THE BONE (Kustom9)
shoes | Warning / Valentine by Bleich

pose | Summer Sun by WRONG (FeverFete)
location | FeverFete

Check out Trouble’s Blog for his credits!

that one random fanfic

that one random fanfic

ears | Usagi Mimi by AMBIX (The Crystal Heart Festival)
hair | Chi Hair by Love (The Crystal Heart Festival)
outfit | Academy Uniform by toksik (The Crystal Heart Festival)

lunch | Kawaii Lunch / Wrapped Bento by Dust Bunny
notepad | Sakura Life / Planner by Wednesday (The Crystal Heart Festival)
pencil holder | Sakura Life / Pen bins by Wednesday (The Crystal Heart Festival)
laptop | Sakura Life / Laptop by Wednesday (The Crystal Heart Festival)
bag | Sakura Life / Bag by Wednesday (The Crystal Heart Festival)
paper | Paper Magic / Floating Books by DISORDERLY (The Crystal Heart Festival)
paper | Paper Magic / Paper Halo by DISORDERLY (The Crystal Heart Festival)

Check out Sung’s Blog for her credits!!

The Last Winter

The Last Winter

dart board | The Long Night / Dart Board by Death Row Design (The Final Winter)
entertainment center | The Long Night / Television by Death Row Design (The Final Winter)
coffee table | The Long Night / Party Table Full by Death Row Design (The Final Winter)
sword | Longclaw by Odachi (The Final Winter)
lance | White Walker Spear by Odachi (The Final Winter)
shelf | The Long Night / Bookshelf by Death Row Design (The Final Winter)
chair | The Long Night / Cardboard Throne by Death Row Design (The Final Winter)
couch | Modern Sofa by brocante

Thank you so much to Ryu and Hikaru for being apart of this post!!!



hair | Hug by BURLEY
suit | Stamen Suit by Ghoul 喰種 – グール (MANCAVE)

hair | U93 by DURA
ears | Pixie EArs by Swallow
earrings | Clasp Earrings by FAKEICON
mask | S-21 Helmet by ContraptioN
collar | Lightbrender Boa by ContraptioN
arm hand | Spiked Fury by CerberusXing
hands | SK3LET0 Series / Prosthetic Arm by ContraptioN
suit | Stamen Suit by Ghoul 喰種 – グール (MANCAVE)

arms | Synthetic Angels / Gevurah Hands by CURELESS

Champagne Taste On A Guinness Budget

Champagne Taste On A Guinness Budget

hair | Aussie Hair by bonbon
eye makeup | Deja Vu Eyeshadow by Moccino Beaute
lingerie | Vivianne Lingerie by Moon Amore (Belle)
pose | Pearls by Amitie (A+ Event)
set | Me Time by Foxcity

Check out Sung’s blog if you wanna check out what she’s wearing!!

Whose HP?

Whose HP?

hair | B68 by Dura
glasses | Forever Young Glasses by MUDSKIN
sweater | Tilden Sweater by Sleepy Eddy (TMD)
pants | Westov Jeans by VERSOV (TMD)
shoes | Sobek Sneakers by Native Urban (TMD)

jellybeans | Study Break / Jelly Beans by Random Matter (World of Magic)
chocolates | Study Break / Praline Polliwog by Random Matter (World of Magic)
map | The Mischief Map by Insomnia Angel (World of Magic)
sweets | Study Break – Detonating Delights by Random Matter (World of Magic)
luggage | Wizard Luggage by KraftWork (World of Magic)
briefcase | Open Wizard Luggage by KraftWork (World of Magic)
books | Wizard Books by KraftWork (World of Magic)
scroll | Magic World Scroll by Raindale (World of Magic)
set | The Wizard Express by KraftWork (World of Magic)

Check out Sung’s Flickr for another version of this scene!!



on taylor
hair | Ashanti Hair by Limerence (Cupid Inc. Event)
eyes | Amore Circle Lens by CURELESS
bindi | Moonlight Jewel by CURELESS
lanyard | Noticed by Senpai / Lanyard by random Matter
sweater | Oversized Shirt by mon tissu (on longer open)

food & decor
burger | Hearty Burger by CURELESS (Cupid Inc. Event)
pizza | Amore Pizza by CURELESS (Cupid Inc. Event)
drink #1 | BonBon Floats / Cheery Soda by CURELESS (Cupid Inc. Event)
drink #2 | BonBon Floats / Root Beer by CURELESS (Cupid Inc. Event)
donuts | Donut Bouquet by tentacio (Cupid Inc. Event)
popcorn | Valentine pop corn by tentacio (Cupid Inc. Event)
flowers| Rose Box by tentacio (Cupid Inc. Event)

Check out Sung’s blog to see what she is wearing!!

Check out the following for all information about Cupid Inc.:
Official Website
Facebook Page
Flickr Group

Cupid Inc. Event. GIVEAWAY!!


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Cupid Inc. Event is running a pre-opening giveaway on their Facebook page!

Facebook post URL: https://bit.ly/2MF2Ic7

Like, share and comment the Facebook post mentioned above with your Second Life name to enter the giveaway.

The giveaway will run from January 29th to January 31st 2019.
Winners will be announced shorty after.

5 of designers are giving away some giftcards and store credit to 5 lucky winners, that will be picked among all the entries.

The 5 winners will also win an early access to Cupid Inc. Venue prior the public opening (February 1st, from midnight SLT to 12.30AM SLT) and they will have the chance to bring a date with them.

To have more info about Cupid Inc. please visit:

Official Website: http://cupidincevent.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CupidInceven
Flickr Group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/3114122@N20/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cupidincevent/

The Hunted

The Hunted

hair | Fade by DOUX
fx face makeup | Nosebleed by clemmm
collar | XenoCircuit by CerberusXing
chain | Rusty Chain by CerberusXing
fx body makeup | Revealing by The White Crow
arms | Krokodil Decay by CerberusXing + Hotdog (Okinawa)
pants | Cut Off Shorts M2 by Kalback
trap | Bloody Bear Trap by CerberusXing (Ironwood Hills Hunt)



on taylor

hair | U85 by chiaki Xue
makeup | nosebleed by clemmm
jacket | Genoa Jacket by Deadwool
pants | Broberry Jeans by Deadwool
shoes | You and I / Sneakers by taikou x momento
poses + weapon | Chemnitz by Ana Poses 
graveyard | Eerie Graveyard by 22769 (The Arcade Gacha Event)
tree | Black Tree by Little Branch (Salem)
house | Chruch of the Dammed by Schultz Bros (Builder’s Box)

on trouble

hair | Alfie by MODULUS
top | One Shoulder Double Jacket by Gabriel
pants | Slim Denim Pants by Blankline
boots | Chelsea by ColdAsh
pose + weapon | Chemnitz by Ana Poses

on absi

hair | Vega by DOUX
glasses | Mia by Nanika
jewelry | Anchored Necklace by Cae
dress | Anarchy Dress by Moon Elixir
shoes | Moca by Tetra
weapon | Crowbar by BAMSE
poses | Sixty Seconds by Ana Poses