. starting the day off right .

This is such a bittersweet post for me; since this will be the last product from an incredible brand – Cat-Noodle – co-owned by Bleue and Shiloh. This will be the last product from her brand for the foreseeable future. I just wanted to take a moment to just thank them for allowing me the time and patients in creating truly exciting photos with her products.

Because of Bleue and Shiloh, I have found a new enjoyment of taking food related photos in Second Life. Something I never really got into before; and it’s all due to their cooperation and talents. Just, thank you two for the love and support and I hope to see you guys around very soon! <3333

. starting the day off right .

nose | ctrawberry by kotte
food | sweet summery crepes by cat noodle (summerfest 2022)
top | atlantis by v.c. lab

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