Welcome To Wonderland

Welcome To Wonderland

Lootbox has opened it’s doors once again for this who might be looking for something more in the realm of role-play in Second Life.  For this go around, Moon Amore has graced us with yet another angelic representation of her talents.  Caged Soul is a gacha collection that is packed with steampunk feels along with this inspirational reference to freedom and why the caged bird does sing.

While you’re there, you might wanna check out Avi-Glam, they have released some gorgeous anime-inspired eyes in a variety of colors for those feeling extra kawaii.

If you’re interested in playing for any one of this beautiful items, be sure to check out Lootbox ASAP!

hair | Becky by Entwined
eyes | Anime Eyes by Avi-Glam (Lootbox)
wings | Caged Soul / Freedom Desire Wings by Moon Amore (Lootbox)
dress | Caged Soul / Mechanical Dress by Moon Amore (Lootbox)
gloves | Caged Soul / Mecha Gloves by Moon Amore (Lootbox)
boots | Caged Soul / Mecha Boots by Moon Amore (Lootbox)
animals | Caged Soul / Hojalata Birds by Moon Amore (Lootbox)
cage | Caged Soul / Birdcage by Moon Amore (Lootbox)

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