I Spared Your Life On A Whim

I Spared Your Life On A Whim

Ghoul 喰種 – グール brings to the table once again a cosplay version of the popular anime, Naruto.  What makes this outfit, duel named Sexy Jutsu Cosplay, so unique would be the most seduction styling of jacket and pants created for Whore Couture event.  Showing some T&A never hurt anyone, though, if you’re cosplaying as someone from the Naruto universe – you might be the one getting hurt.

hair | F1124 by tram
weapon | Tora Shuriken by Lybra
outfit | Sexy Jutsu Cosplay by Ghoul 喰種 – グール (Whore Couture)
bra | Sultry Kunoichi by CerberusXing
footwear | Astral Divinity Basic Geta by Aii the Ugly & Beautiful

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