hair | Synthetic Crush / Cyborg Hairstyle by ANTINATURAL
hairbase | Tintable Shaved Hairbase by KoKoLoReS
eyes | Synthetic Crush / Cyborg Eyes by ANTINATURAL
makeup | Born This Way by Patane
face piece | Metamorphose2077 / Droid Jaw by ANTINATURAL (Lootbox)
collar | Sentient Jaw & Collar by CURELESS
bodysuit | Metamorphose2077 / Droid Lightsuit by ANTINATURAL (Lootbox)
back piece | Metamorphose2077 / Spinal Cables by ANTINATURAL (Lootbox)
arms | Metamorphose2077 / Power Gloves by ANTINATURAL (Lootbox)
leg | Metamorphose2077 / Droid Legs by ANTINATURAL (Lootbox)
building one | Metamorphose2077 / BUILD1.01 by ANTINATURAL (Lootbox)
building two | Metamorphose2077 / Charging Station by ANTINATURAL (Lootbox)
glass | Opera Romance / Broken Mirror (Glass Pieces) by Moon Amore
droid | Wheatley Drone by ToKKen Industries
car | Futuristic Car by ToKKen Industries

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