headpiece | Mad Malice / Plasma Bunny Ears by ANTINATURAL (Lootbox)
hair | Pearl by Bold & Beauty
fx makeup 1 | Nosebleed by Clemmm
fx makeup 2 | Scar Tissue / Wide-eyed by CUREMORE
eyes | Mad Malice / Unseen Sigh by ANTINATURAL (Lootbox)
staff | Mad Malice / Equestrian Mace by ANTINATURAL (Lootbox)
chain | Mad Malice / Key to Nowhere by ANTINATURAL (Lootbox)
arms | Mad Malice / Unlost Arm by ANTINATURAL (Lootbox)
cards | Mad Malice / Misfortune Teller by ANTINATURAL (Lootbox)
dress | Mad Malice / Laudium Edge by ANTINATURAL (Lootbox)
fx makeup 3 | Scar Tissue / Big Cat Scratch by CUREMORE
flowers | Wild Flowers by anc Ltd.
vanity | Made Malice / Shattered Vanity by ANTINATURAL (Lootbox)
set | Mad Malice / Liddell’s Nightmare by ANTINATURAL (Lootbox)

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