Welcome To Ironwood Hills

Welcome To Ironwood Hills, a small town I found myself unable to escape from.  My car broke down just outside of the town’s boundaries and I haven’t been able to find anyone to help me.  But I have this strange feeling that I am not alone…

Welcome To Ironwood Hills

I found myself in the town’s cemetery, again, It’s almost like something is calling for me to come here.  I also have this strange feeling that I’ve not alone. I honestly just want to get home…

Welcome To Ironwood Hills

Great, I’m lost again…why won’t my phone work here.  What kind of town doesn’t have cell zones that actually work. And great, my flashlight is starting to go out, fantastic…

Welcome To Ironwood Hills

In the distance, I think I can see some kind of mausoleum that is open; are those suppose to be open?

Welcome To Ironwood Hills

What the heck, who left this creepy doll here?

Welcome To Ironwood Hills

  I honestly do no feel alo….


hair | Spellbound – Wednesday
top | Pixicat – Cutout Tie Top
pants | Pixicat – Cheeky Shorts
shoes | David Heather – Dastard Boots

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