123. | I Am Amity

123. | I Am Amity

This is my second installment in the Divergent Series, for this post.  I decided to focus on Amity, the peaceful.  They are people who do not fight, cause drama, or start wars.  But will help the fallen, no matter their allegiance.  They are a people who are a true democracy; each member of Amity has a vote on any decision that effects Amity.

Each member of Amity contributes to the whole by working labor in some form; from working picking fruits out of the orchard to washing the cities clothing to cooking food.  The people of Amity live in a self-sustaining community.

The people of Amity tend to wear clothing that reflects the peaceful nature of the environment, so they wear pieces of clothing that are yellow and/or red.

hat // ELYSIUM // Amelie Hat [only available on marketplace]
hair // TABLEAU VIVANT // Oh Hair [faMESHed]
scarf // CHEERY // Chanel Infinity Scarf
top // ARISKEA // Omerogic [AVENUE Autumn / Winter FW’13]
skirt // LADIES WHO LUNCH // Bengal Skirt [AVENUE Autumn / Winter FW’13]

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