115. | And It Starts

115. | And It Starts

Soooooo, this is a very special start in a series of upcoming blog posts for me.  A few days ago, I was approached and asked if I would participate in blogging for AVENUE during the Autumn/Winter Fashion Week.

Of course, I said yes – you know, after I picked my jaw off the floor.  It is such an honor to be asked by such an prestigious and well-known agency to be a blogger for their fashion week.

For my first post in this wonderful series of Fashion Week looks, I was lucky enough to get my little hands on some fresh, new looks by REVANCHE.

hat // LODE // Vlora [L’accessoires]
hair // LELUTKA // Canto
eye makeup // BLACKLIQUID // Glitter Shadow
dress // REVANCHE // Aysha B. Bandage [AVENUE Autumn / Winter FW’13]
bag // REAVANCHE // Lucille Leather Handbag [AVENUE Autumn / Winter FW’13]
shoes // REVANCH // Privilaged Wedge [AVENUE Autumn / Winter FW’13]


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