74. | Miss Metaverse – Miss Moldova

74. | Miss Metaverse - Miss Moldova

I want to apologize for taking so long to post this post.  I am so thankful and humble that three amazing designers took the time out of their very busy schedules to create three beautiful gowns.  I was apart of a freshman pageant to find the next faces of Metaverse Pageantry.  For this pageant, we were aloud to choose a country to represent.  I choose to represent Moldova – I have such a fascination of eastern European cultures and Moldova fit that mold well.

I only made it to the Preliminary round, but I wanted to be able to show off these gowns that were made with care, so I decided to wear them during this round.

The first gown is from Ladies Who Lunch and duly named – Vesuvius.  Faint Paulse really outdid herself on this creation.  I DIED when I saw all the colorful feathers used to  brighten the gown.  I felt like a tropical goddess in this gown and I would like to thank Faint Paulse for creating this and my dear friend Sera Ginger Tokyoska for letting me wear this gown xoxo I ❤ you both.

The next gown is from Poulet Koenkamp, creator of Purplemoon, and is actually a re-textured gown that Rusalka Callisto wore during Miss Virtual World – 2012.  The Catherine Gown was changed from a gorgeous rouge color to a Berlin Blue color that is apart of the Moldova Flag.  I was taken back when I relieved that the crown from the gown came along with it, I totally felt like the princess of Moldova haha.

Lastly, Mila Thatham of Solidea Folies created a one of a kind gown and named it after me.  I ABSOLUTELY DIED when I rezz this gown on me and see how pure white this gown was.  The bunched shoulder section really got me; it really made the whole gown couture in my eyes.  I asked Mila if she could add some kind of train, but I am a sucker for trains on gowns.  She did add one and went beyond my expectations and made the train into an art piece in itself.

Thank you all again, I was just stunned to see these gowns and I was honored that I was able to wear them for you.


Taylor Wassep

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